Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Hotness!


It's Memorial Day Weekend and we have LOTS of Summer hotness with a lot of new stuff on sale too! My goal lately has been to not put too much stuff in my releases so rather than making stuff on top of stuff, I've cut myself off at a certain point to not overwhelm you guys lol. So I think I did a pretty good job this week. Okies here are my favorites of this release!

Black Tape Pasties, only 25L. Yeah I know, it's been done but I've been tinkering with black tape pasties on and off since last summer and FINALLY have ones I really like. Right now they are only on the 3 layers, but I plan on putting them on the tattoo layer when Emerald's 2012 client is out of beta. It really is too much of a hassle to hop on to Viewer 2 since the cache is in a different place and all my huds, clothes and attachments mess up in the process. But look for it soon! I will also be retiring my old tats, and will be making a lot more items for Viewer 2 as well. On to tops, there's 8 of them and they are very HAWT.

Pushed Up Naughty Bad Girl Tank Tops. I started these first in the release, I loved them so I figured I would make everything this week to compliment them. Very hot and sexy for Summer and only 20L! The black skull one is my fave. :D I couldn't make tops without making some sexy jeans to match...

My Faun Jeans have really been gaining popularity so I decided to take the destroyed version and make some for Elfies. I love them, they are sexy and very versatile. I like mixing them up with all kinds of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Speaking of Faun:

Color Changing Slouchie Leg Warmers! My friend was wearing some cute Neko slouchie socks with paws and my Mushie Star Jeans, and I thought wouldn't it be neat to make them for Faun! So why not some to go with my Faun Jeans? So here they are! I made them the same price as all my other slouchie socks since they are add-ons to my Faun Jeans. I already used these textures I made in my stripey arm warmers and these you see here, so of course I had to make regular ones for everyone not so Faun inclined...

So lastly stripey socks and Kawaii Graffiti Bowling shoes which are my favorite shoes to wear at the moment. These shoes where fun to make because I made a alpha gradient texture on the sides that gives the shoes a neat shaded and highlighted effect. I also love them because the graffiti is cute too! Oh and it's like getting 15 pairs of shoes in one and you can mix them up too, that's how I wear them. :D Anyways, that's it for now, I hope you liked this kawaii punk inspired release! It's the mood I've been in lately lol. Okies by for now!


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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Summer of Faun!


Woot new stuffs! I absolutely love my Faun avatar! I love mixing up things to get different and new looks so of course it's about time we had a Summer of Faun! I'm trying to give off an Urban Gypsy feel, so one of the things this summer that I will focus on is creative and neat items for the Urban Faun. But you will be able to wear them with other kinds of avatars too. Here's the 1sts of my favorites in the direction!

First off, as you can see in the ad above, I have new Faun horns and ears. I've been asked if I was planning on making some lighter versions and finally got around to it. I love them, and they inspired me to buy the Moonbeam tone of Cupid skins from Curio that I love to wear. Anyway, this is one of my favorites of this release. These Drag n' Drop Polaroid Nom-Noms comes in 3 different styles, Plain, Besties, and Love. I wanted to make something cute, and very fun and easy to use & wear as a nom. All you have to do is rez, drop a square texture into the root prim and presto! You have an adorable & fun way to express yourself! (Just click the image above to find them on sale on Xstreet!) So what about Faun?

This weeks release started out with me making Faun Jeans. I wanted to make some new Faun boots but some how I worked the prims into pants, which then I got really excited because I don't think I have seen these in SL yet. Woot! =) So I figure I will see how these do then will make a lot more styles and some for the Faun Fellas in the future.

Just click the image above to find them on sale on Xstreet. I love these jeans! Right now they come in 4 different colors and 3 styles, and 2 colors of hooves in the pack. I wanted these to be the first of my making items for Viewer 2, so you can find those attachments in the packs as well. I'm just trying to keep my options open even though more people use Emerald than Viewer 2. But from what I've been reading, the Emerald creators plan on making an Emerald Viewer 2 version. I'm really looking forward to that! I think the new UI is very neat but will take some getting use to, but I'm willing to do it! So I made lots of new jeans, and since this is a Summer release I thought it was time for some sexy new tops!

Just click the image above to find this on sale on Xstreet! My sexy new Daisy Mae Country Bandana Tube Tops, comes in 9 different colors with matching sculpty ties that attach to the spine. Yes I got the name for these from the Dukes of Hazard. I figure this is something Daisy Mae would wear lol. What's great about these tops is the show a lot of skin. And more skin means tat time! So I was then inspired to make some new tattoos!

Just click the image above to see on Xstreet. So I made 4 new tattoos these week, and 3 of them are color! I never made color tattoos before and I would have to say these and the Queenie of Hearts n' Scratches are my faves. These also include Viewer 2 tattoo layers as well. I've been meaning to make more tattoos and I'm happy I finally got around to it, it's been almost a year I think lol. So there you have it, my faves of this weeks release! I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I did making them. Now I'm gonna take a break it's been a busy week for me. Talk to you soon!


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today has been a good day!


I've been a little burned out lately so I've been taking a break. (Been playing a little WoW.) Every day though I log in to check my messages. When I logged in earlier today I noticed Epic had a lot of people there. I mean waaay more than usual. I didn't think much of it, but I just found out why... We made the Second Life Community Showcase! Yay! LL loves us, and I'm soooo happy! This is what it says:

"With such a bright, dazzling build, it's easy to forget that Epic Wings and Clothing carries a wide variety of fantasy-inspired shoes, shirts, and accessories that are great for the fashion-forward elf."

*Sigh* This just inspires me to work even harder. I've had a few clothing ideas swirling in my head and will start tinkering later in the week. Woot! Here's a random thought to this post... Who ever thinks there's only so much you can do in Fantasy in SL, or in anything else that is in Second Life or real life for that matter, truly doesn't understand the power of the creative mind. We wouldn't have any new art, television, films, music, books, video games... Anything that captivates us as a civilization and society. There would be nothing new, no new ideas, or theories, or breakthroughs, we'd just be sitting around bored and lifeless. So what I'm saying is, I try to come up with new things to bring a different view to SL. I try to challenge myself and hopefully other content creators here to bring something fun and interesting to your SL experience. Lol, I'm my own worse enemy and I don't think I'm not even close to being there yet, but it's really nice to see that other people are feelin' what I'm trying to do. Anyways, today has been a good day! =)


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Friday, May 07, 2010

A Little Fae Wonder...


Two weeks ago, in a post I set out to make a new Fae outfit wanting to just be better. And I think I did it! People have been asking when I was planning on making more Fae clothes and I can honestly say I'm in full Fae mode! So many new Fae things have me inspired lately! I guess I'm just getting back to my roots. :D Anyway, above here you see my new La Fee Rose (the fairy rose) in pink (Click the image to see it on Xstreet). As I said in my post 2 weeks ago, I wanted to really showcase my prim work, and woot it's finally done! These prim attachments took lots of hours tweaking and setting up to make sure your eye is drawn around the body and showcasing good angles that compliment the silhouette. I'm in LOVE with it! It comes in 8 colors, with hand-painted and highly-detailed textures, and the wings I made especially and exclusively for this outfit! They are flexi, they flap and you can turn them on and off with a simple chat command! So it's all out now and being modeled at the store and is available on Xstreet. Man the attachments were work, I had to work on it and then take a break, going back and forth like that because the detail was really important to me. So I'm soo happy with it! Right now I'm wearing the green with my Pixie Lite wings because building they don't get in the way lol.

This was the one that started it all! I tweaked this dress until it was perfect then worked on the recolors. Just click to see it on Xstreet. Now on to dollarbie nom-noms...

I made Rose n' Blood dollarbie nom-noms to match! These also come in 8 different colors with each matching a dress. I couldn't just make another flower nom-nom without adding something a little different, it just didn't look finished to me. So, I decided on putting a drop of blood to add a little drama, after all thorns are sharp.

And finally a new little Fae Hideaway! I just learned how to edit my RAW terrain file in Photoshop, so I copied the small heart island in the corner of the sim, made it a little smaller, and then put the copy on the other side. Taking a cue from what we did at this years RFL Fantasy Faire, I decided to make a little Fae hideaway where you all can dance and hang out! Everything there is also available at Fae Faire to buy. I wanted a place to dance like me and my friends use to do in the old days, it really is relaxing! We haven't put a dance ball out yet but look for one in the next couple of days. :D There's butterflies, glowy grass, mushies, and flowers and plenty of seats and Pixie dust. I really hope you enjoy it! So that's all my Fae stuff for now! Already dreaming up the next stuff hehe! Until next time!


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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wow, people can be real idiots...


Lol, so I get a note from this ignorant person that said this: (Now mind you this is EXACTLY how it's written. )


My guess is, old thunder thighs here tried to fit their fat av into one of our Tiny homes in Tiny Town. Wow people are idiots. Never mind the SIGNS I have next to all of our prefabs at Fae Faire explaining what A Tiny avatar is. Wow people are idiots? Did I say that yet? Ok let me explain this again, even though Fae Faire's Tiny Town has these signs up in the area, and most non-noobs of SL understand what the Tiny culture is and what size they are (I mean dude it's in the name too), AND never mind the fact the we also also merchants @ Raglan Shire. Ok Tiny avatars:

"Tinies, or tiny avatars, are smaller-than-normal avatars usually found in the form of cute creatures and other pint-sized marvels."

Ok, so there you have it. I really shouldn't have to explain things to idiot noobs who have been in SL since 2008, but hey when your head is in your ass for most of your life or Second Life for that matter, maybe it's hard to recognize what's out there beyond yourself. Just saying! Oh and did I forget to mention that this person IMed me while we were at a hair store 2 months ago? She complimented me on my shape and was really nice to me in IM. Wow now didn't she just show her butt? LOL Ok I'm done now, gotta get back to work for tomorrows awesome Faery dress release!


PS~It's one thing if a person didn't understand why they couldn't fit into the Tiny house, and then asked me what's up, but this person was on a mission to spread their poison. Thank goodness things like that don't phase me, I've been here since '06 and seen an heard a lot, and people like that are just pathetic. Anyways toodles! :D

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