Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday there was a little bit o' fantasy...


So yeah I emo-ed all over my last post but now it's time for new releases! What have we been doing since the Clothing Fair last month? Check it out! Above is our stall for this year's Fantasy Faire and I think it came out great! I came up with the idea to make it in a Fae eyes view, so you would get the feeling of being small and living in a wee Fae village in the grass. It was lots of fun to make! Ok now onto the new releases... Here are my favorites.

{Click image to see it on Xstreet}

Ah Pim's Tragic End, and I would have to say it's my most favorite nom-nom ever! Ara says I'm a freak for thinking it's hilarious. It is! She has falling Pixie dust and you click on it and her wings twitch! I used the wings I drew for my Pim Whimsy Outfits, it's about time that Pixie got what was coming to her! lol

{Click image to see it on Xstreet}

Butterfly Buddies! I don't know what to say, but you guys really seem to love this! I came up with it after I made my new line of wings (that's coming up next). I figured wouldn't it be neat since I got my wings to flap, to why not get some butterflies to flap too? And you guys love it, thank you! I love it too! What's great about them is you can wear 1 or wear a bunch, AND it looks cute with regular and fantasy clothes since I love to wear both.

lol Now this was a couple of years in the making and now I finally have them! That's right, flapping wings! Pixie Lite is my new line of flexi wings that are going to be especially made for Pixies and small avatars. They flap, have color changing Pixie dust with a remote HUD with soft textures made by yours truly. I may even start making exclusive ones for some Fae outfits I have in my head at the moment. Right now you can only find these at the Faire, but I will put them up as soon as it's over at the store.

Ahoy Matey! These are the new random things I made... See I was in the mood to wear jeans and I didn't want to wear the old ones I made so I made new ones, then I thought I should make a new top and I came up with this once I saw a cute scarf sculpt. So yeah it was a domino effect. :D The Jeans have mushroom and star graffiti all over them. And are low cut. I know that's not the fashion irl but I love low-rise on my av, so get over it lol. :p

{Click image to see it on Xstreet}

My Mushie Pixie Hollow is low-prim hideway that's not a prefab but more of a hangout. I think it's a cute little edition to any yard or forest too! I wanted it to be something you guys can have options with, so the roof and daisies change textures! Oh and the 2 in the front are little seats, and there's a tiny version of course! That's also good for decorating in your gardens.

{Click image to see it on Xstreet}

Speaking of changing textures... Alas my old Technicolor dream garden is now retired and here's my replacement which is also the new store entrance! I love this Strange Whimsical Fairy Garden, all the mushies and flowers change colors, and I've put lots of colorful Pixie dust and butterfly particles in all 4 inside clusters that are also new in design!

{Click image to see it on Xstreet}

And finally low-prim prefabs! Well low for me anyways hehe. This Humble Elfin Windmill House is my 2nd windmill house, (you can find my other in the bargain shack at the store) and they come in 5 different colors with texture changing walls. You can make a very cute Elfin village with theses houses, and even switch it up by taking the blades off in the mix!

So that's it for now... Because of the Faire I've been in fantasy mode clothing-wise so I've been all Fae-ed up lately, so look for my next Epic release to be Fae hehe. And it will definitely have some flapping wings! Until next time!


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