Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yay For Remodeling!


So 2 days ago I set out to remodel Epic. The store is the same, but I wanted to retexture and redo prims to save prim count. Well I was able to save a TON of prims plus adding more shelving and space. I wanted the store to remain cute but class up the place since I'm going to redo, retire, and make tons of new stuff. My future goal is to have made so much new high-quality stuff this year, that at the very least I will opt for a featured stall at RFL Clothing Fair 2011. So I'm excited! I re-textured the outside store, plus stalls on the small island, got rid of the grungy textures and put up more clean, clear and bright walls, lots of shaded 1-prim shelves and re-textured acorn lights with Pixie dust too! Outside I made a neat cheapie garden with tall grass and flowers and with a gorgeous view of a waterfall and rainbow (as you can see above) and off sim waves and islands. I added 1-prim daisy seats and sounds, crickets, and butterfly particles, so now it's very peaceful back there. It's my favorite spot in the store at the moment:D . Also, I added more off sim land to give it more of a lost island feel. Yep so that's it, was taking a break from my new Fae dress but I am now sooo ready to get back to work on it tomorrow. So if you stop by Vanima Shee check out the new changes! Things are also a lot easier to find now. lol Anyway, until next time!


Posted by Jade at 4:16 AM

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