Monday, April 05, 2010

So fresh & so clean!

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So my birthday is over and done with, and even with that gone I finished it! What did I finish you ask? Well, I took all that old crap down off of Xstreet I had put up 2 years ago and spent the weekend uploading all my favorites from Fae Faire & Epic. Woot! Right now I have over 100 of my favorite items from both stores there and will keep it coming too!

So what does this all mean? Well... Everything of mine will now be released in a more optimized format to make your shopping experience easier! I will release new items in-world and on Xstreet with some of it discounted too! I'm also planning on having limited edition sales, and my favorite retired items made cheapie too! AND look here often because from this point on all ad images will be clickable and will take you directly to the item on Xstreet for purchase! This all has been in the works for a while but I wanted to get it done before the Fantasy Faire opens on the 19th, so here it is! (Don't forget to click the Xstreet banner above to see what I mean.)

So how do I look? New hair from Truth and new skins from LAQ... These Elena skins, I'm absolutely in LOVE with them! I look a mix between Greek, Indian and Brazilian, and I LOVE it! It was about time I redid my blog website image and profile pic. The website pic is from last year and I wanted something fresh and clean for spring, with a natural earth feel to it. So I think I got it! Anyways that's all for now, got all the Xstreet stuff out of the way so now it will be a new beginning when it comes to releases and I'm excited! Tomorrow it's back to work for the RFL Fantasy Faire, woot! So, talk to ya soon!


Posted by Jade at 11:46 PM

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