Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fighting Cancer & Fighting Content Theft At The Same Time?


Yeah that's right the 2010 RFL Fantasy Faire opened yesterday and Epic & Fae Faire celebrated with a BIG release! I can honestly say the biggest of the year thus far. We've been working really hard since last month's Clothing Faire to bring you all some new an exciting stuff. But before I go on about that, I dunno I'm either still on the fence or deep down I have made my decision but just haven't fessed up to it yet. I LOVE helping and being a part of Relay For Life in SL. Cancer has deeply impacted me in real life and me being able to use my creativity is such a comfort, but being part of this Fantasy Faire has made me think maybe next year I won't put much effort into it... Why? Simple. A few days before I contacted the Captain of the Fantasy Faire and asked if they were planning to set up security measures like last months Clothing Fair to prevent people stealing our stuff by using illegal clients. We used the Gemini CDS System at the Clothing Fair last month, and I use them on my sims too. They basically gave me this LAME political reason why it's not a good idea, and it violates privacy (at this point that line had me wondering about their character) blah blah blah... So I was very nice in my response then suggested that she at least put a notice in the group to let creators know it would be a good idea to unlink their stuff. A trick we use so if someone tries to steal something it comes in as pieces instead of the entire object. She said it was a wonderful idea and she will put out the notice. She never did. She logged and NEVER did. So what does that tell me? They really don't care about the creators in the Faire, and the most important thing is to raise money. Well yeah it is, but if people come to the Faire and rip creators off, there will be no need for people to purchase said items going towards RFL, right? Well I've had my stores for almost 4 years now, and this is the 1st year at the Fantasy Faire. For me this was a trial run to see if I wanted to sponsor a sim next year. Hell no. I think I will focus on doing more for the Clothing Fair instead. (It was awesome and I had a blast all week too!) I don't know if I will be apart of this Faire next year, we'll see but from what my friend said, see she has been going for a few years now, that it's pretty much the same thing every year. To be honest it's probably why it doesn't do so well as the Clothing Fair. I know that may have come of as harsh but I'm being honest. It hurts my feelings and my pocket, I pay bills with Second Life you know... And when someone just blatantly disregards my suggestions, and even though I didn't like their response, I came up with a very acceptable compromise, it just plain hurt that it turned out the way it did. And what makes me angry is that there are so many creators their that have no idea what's going on out there in terms of content theft. And honestly it's up to the committee if they value their Faire, to value the creators items as well, because without that there wouldn't even be one. Ok I'm done, this is a lot to say, so I'm going to move this to a post down from my releases. Sorry guys but I just had to say this.


Posted by Jade at 8:40 AM

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