Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yay For Remodeling!


So 2 days ago I set out to remodel Epic. The store is the same, but I wanted to retexture and redo prims to save prim count. Well I was able to save a TON of prims plus adding more shelving and space. I wanted the store to remain cute but class up the place since I'm going to redo, retire, and make tons of new stuff. My future goal is to have made so much new high-quality stuff this year, that at the very least I will opt for a featured stall at RFL Clothing Fair 2011. So I'm excited! I re-textured the outside store, plus stalls on the small island, got rid of the grungy textures and put up more clean, clear and bright walls, lots of shaded 1-prim shelves and re-textured acorn lights with Pixie dust too! Outside I made a neat cheapie garden with tall grass and flowers and with a gorgeous view of a waterfall and rainbow (as you can see above) and off sim waves and islands. I added 1-prim daisy seats and sounds, crickets, and butterfly particles, so now it's very peaceful back there. It's my favorite spot in the store at the moment:D . Also, I added more off sim land to give it more of a lost island feel. Yep so that's it, was taking a break from my new Fae dress but I am now sooo ready to get back to work on it tomorrow. So if you stop by Vanima Shee check out the new changes! Things are also a lot easier to find now. lol Anyway, until next time!


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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meh, I got to be better.


So as we speak I'm working on a new Fae outfit. What can I say I've been inspired by the Fantasy Faire going on this week. The clothing textures look awesome so far, but this outfit is really going to focus on my prim work & design. I want to make something that is high Fae fashion if that makes any sense. Focusing more on art, design and emotion rather than just being cute. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all things kawaii, but I want to push myself to be better and raise my standard of creations. I have the training and know-how so I'm working it out. It's like a mini Pixie Project Runway hehe. So the dress prim parts will be really intricate yet simple at the same time with highly detailed attachments. So yeah enough about my next release. :p You'll just have to wait and see. Oh and yes I did change my blog pic. I know I usually change it once a year, but I figured since I changed my shape and look a little different, my blog should reflect that as well. It's my favorite picture of me at the moment. Okies, until next time! Yeah... The next post will be me raving about how much in love I am with my new Faery outfits! lol.


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday there was a little bit o' fantasy...


So yeah I emo-ed all over my last post but now it's time for new releases! What have we been doing since the Clothing Fair last month? Check it out! Above is our stall for this year's Fantasy Faire and I think it came out great! I came up with the idea to make it in a Fae eyes view, so you would get the feeling of being small and living in a wee Fae village in the grass. It was lots of fun to make! Ok now onto the new releases... Here are my favorites.

{Click image to see it on Xstreet}

Ah Pim's Tragic End, and I would have to say it's my most favorite nom-nom ever! Ara says I'm a freak for thinking it's hilarious. It is! She has falling Pixie dust and you click on it and her wings twitch! I used the wings I drew for my Pim Whimsy Outfits, it's about time that Pixie got what was coming to her! lol

{Click image to see it on Xstreet}

Butterfly Buddies! I don't know what to say, but you guys really seem to love this! I came up with it after I made my new line of wings (that's coming up next). I figured wouldn't it be neat since I got my wings to flap, to why not get some butterflies to flap too? And you guys love it, thank you! I love it too! What's great about them is you can wear 1 or wear a bunch, AND it looks cute with regular and fantasy clothes since I love to wear both.

lol Now this was a couple of years in the making and now I finally have them! That's right, flapping wings! Pixie Lite is my new line of flexi wings that are going to be especially made for Pixies and small avatars. They flap, have color changing Pixie dust with a remote HUD with soft textures made by yours truly. I may even start making exclusive ones for some Fae outfits I have in my head at the moment. Right now you can only find these at the Faire, but I will put them up as soon as it's over at the store.

Ahoy Matey! These are the new random things I made... See I was in the mood to wear jeans and I didn't want to wear the old ones I made so I made new ones, then I thought I should make a new top and I came up with this once I saw a cute scarf sculpt. So yeah it was a domino effect. :D The Jeans have mushroom and star graffiti all over them. And are low cut. I know that's not the fashion irl but I love low-rise on my av, so get over it lol. :p

{Click image to see it on Xstreet}

My Mushie Pixie Hollow is low-prim hideway that's not a prefab but more of a hangout. I think it's a cute little edition to any yard or forest too! I wanted it to be something you guys can have options with, so the roof and daisies change textures! Oh and the 2 in the front are little seats, and there's a tiny version of course! That's also good for decorating in your gardens.

{Click image to see it on Xstreet}

Speaking of changing textures... Alas my old Technicolor dream garden is now retired and here's my replacement which is also the new store entrance! I love this Strange Whimsical Fairy Garden, all the mushies and flowers change colors, and I've put lots of colorful Pixie dust and butterfly particles in all 4 inside clusters that are also new in design!

{Click image to see it on Xstreet}

And finally low-prim prefabs! Well low for me anyways hehe. This Humble Elfin Windmill House is my 2nd windmill house, (you can find my other in the bargain shack at the store) and they come in 5 different colors with texture changing walls. You can make a very cute Elfin village with theses houses, and even switch it up by taking the blades off in the mix!

So that's it for now... Because of the Faire I've been in fantasy mode clothing-wise so I've been all Fae-ed up lately, so look for my next Epic release to be Fae hehe. And it will definitely have some flapping wings! Until next time!


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Fighting Cancer & Fighting Content Theft At The Same Time?


Yeah that's right the 2010 RFL Fantasy Faire opened yesterday and Epic & Fae Faire celebrated with a BIG release! I can honestly say the biggest of the year thus far. We've been working really hard since last month's Clothing Faire to bring you all some new an exciting stuff. But before I go on about that, I dunno I'm either still on the fence or deep down I have made my decision but just haven't fessed up to it yet. I LOVE helping and being a part of Relay For Life in SL. Cancer has deeply impacted me in real life and me being able to use my creativity is such a comfort, but being part of this Fantasy Faire has made me think maybe next year I won't put much effort into it... Why? Simple. A few days before I contacted the Captain of the Fantasy Faire and asked if they were planning to set up security measures like last months Clothing Fair to prevent people stealing our stuff by using illegal clients. We used the Gemini CDS System at the Clothing Fair last month, and I use them on my sims too. They basically gave me this LAME political reason why it's not a good idea, and it violates privacy (at this point that line had me wondering about their character) blah blah blah... So I was very nice in my response then suggested that she at least put a notice in the group to let creators know it would be a good idea to unlink their stuff. A trick we use so if someone tries to steal something it comes in as pieces instead of the entire object. She said it was a wonderful idea and she will put out the notice. She never did. She logged and NEVER did. So what does that tell me? They really don't care about the creators in the Faire, and the most important thing is to raise money. Well yeah it is, but if people come to the Faire and rip creators off, there will be no need for people to purchase said items going towards RFL, right? Well I've had my stores for almost 4 years now, and this is the 1st year at the Fantasy Faire. For me this was a trial run to see if I wanted to sponsor a sim next year. Hell no. I think I will focus on doing more for the Clothing Fair instead. (It was awesome and I had a blast all week too!) I don't know if I will be apart of this Faire next year, we'll see but from what my friend said, see she has been going for a few years now, that it's pretty much the same thing every year. To be honest it's probably why it doesn't do so well as the Clothing Fair. I know that may have come of as harsh but I'm being honest. It hurts my feelings and my pocket, I pay bills with Second Life you know... And when someone just blatantly disregards my suggestions, and even though I didn't like their response, I came up with a very acceptable compromise, it just plain hurt that it turned out the way it did. And what makes me angry is that there are so many creators their that have no idea what's going on out there in terms of content theft. And honestly it's up to the committee if they value their Faire, to value the creators items as well, because without that there wouldn't even be one. Ok I'm done, this is a lot to say, so I'm going to move this to a post down from my releases. Sorry guys but I just had to say this.


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Monday, April 05, 2010

So fresh & so clean!

(New format! Click above to visit my Xstreet SL Merchant Page!)


So my birthday is over and done with, and even with that gone I finished it! What did I finish you ask? Well, I took all that old crap down off of Xstreet I had put up 2 years ago and spent the weekend uploading all my favorites from Fae Faire & Epic. Woot! Right now I have over 100 of my favorite items from both stores there and will keep it coming too!

So what does this all mean? Well... Everything of mine will now be released in a more optimized format to make your shopping experience easier! I will release new items in-world and on Xstreet with some of it discounted too! I'm also planning on having limited edition sales, and my favorite retired items made cheapie too! AND look here often because from this point on all ad images will be clickable and will take you directly to the item on Xstreet for purchase! This all has been in the works for a while but I wanted to get it done before the Fantasy Faire opens on the 19th, so here it is! (Don't forget to click the Xstreet banner above to see what I mean.)

So how do I look? New hair from Truth and new skins from LAQ... These Elena skins, I'm absolutely in LOVE with them! I look a mix between Greek, Indian and Brazilian, and I LOVE it! It was about time I redid my blog website image and profile pic. The website pic is from last year and I wanted something fresh and clean for spring, with a natural earth feel to it. So I think I got it! Anyways that's all for now, got all the Xstreet stuff out of the way so now it will be a new beginning when it comes to releases and I'm excited! Tomorrow it's back to work for the RFL Fantasy Faire, woot! So, talk to ya soon!


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