Friday, March 12, 2010

OMG the 2010 RFL Clothing Fair is here!


And yes that's right it's Epic's 1st year here too! I've been working on something a little different but definitely fun the past few weeks and I'm launching it here of course! But I'll talk about that in a few. The pic above is of my stall that's in the Rio Dejanero Sim, and I think my stall totally kawaii! That's what I was aiming for hehe. Anyway my favorite sim build out of all of the RFL sims is New Delhi, it's gorgeous! It's just so warm, and colorful, and being a builder myself I really appreciate the builder's design and aesthetic. So if you want to stop by check Epic for a showcase, info and landmark to the sims, but you can't buy any of the new stuff there! The fair will be open all week long with lots of really awesome designers showcasing there, so check it out and buy some cute stuff that will help the American Cancer Society! Okies, on to the new stuff...

Introducing Rainbow Lite Brite! Like I hinted in my last post, these new dresses, gauntlets, boots, and headphones have a lot of adorable flashing lights and colorful pixie dust too! The dresses come in 7 colors with a special pink color that's in a RFL vendor at my fair stall. I would have to say right now the purple you see above is my favorite.

With the dress I also made a belt so you can wear the one piece like a very cute super hero! I would have to say it's a little rave and a little Neko inspired, something different from the fantasy stuff I usually do. And I love it! The boots comes in 8 different colors and they go great with lots of other things too!

I've been wearing them with leggings and hoodies, other bright and colorful dresses, lolita corsets with bustles, bikinis, all kinds of things, you really can wear them with a lot of stuff! And the most important thing for me about these accessories was that they had optional colorful pixie dust that you could switch out.

So there you have, my new stuffs! And I would have to see the best launch of this year so far so I hope you guys enjoy it! I'll be taking it slow next week and hanging at the fair so hopefully I'll see you guys there. Shop and have fun, it's for a good cause so it's worth it! Hope to see you there! *hugs*


PS~ I'll try to post my favorite pics of the fair up too, so you'll see them soon!

Posted by Jade at 6:44 PM

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