Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New FAUNtastic Stuff & Good Times!


Yesterday I released a whole new bunch of Spring stuff! Everything from new crop tees, leather waist belts, denim mini skirts & cutoffs, to (my favorite this release) new Faun ears, horns, and twitchy tails. Oh and more Spring dollarbie nom-noms! I figured it was about time I made more Faun accessories to go with all the Faun boots that are popular @ Epic! I've been crazy busy getting ready for the Relay For Life Clothing Fair (which is this month), and exploring SL & hanging with friends, that I wasn't able to release this stuff until yesterday. :( Anyway, it's here and you all seem to be happy with the new stuff so I am too! Anyway here are my favorites!

So as you can see I made a bunch of new horns, ears, and tails (not shown in this post). I wanted to do something a little more than just have the regular run of the mill horns, so I thought sweet sparrows holding twigs, daisy blooms & buds, and green Spring leaves would be a nice touch. There's not many Faun ears out there that I love so I've been wearing Elf ears until I made these. and I love them! Also I think these pieces will look great with the Titania's Court Faun AV which I have in a lot of colors my self when I'm Fantasy Faun rather than my usual Urban Faun. So to see them up close you can see them being modeled at the store or click the color demo in the display. I plan on making some more pierced ones for guys too, gah I have so much I want to make lol. Anyway, here are the Spring dollarbie noms, I think my favorite of the season that I made so far too!

These come in 5 colors and I think are really sweet looking, seems to be a favorite by you guys too! I also made denim mini skirts & cutoffs, and belts too this past week be my favorite out of these items have to be my basic sexy crop tees!

I decided to just stuff these sexy tees in a fat pack and discount them because they are just little itty bitty shirts. I've been wearing these a lot lately, and they are great for what I'm working on in my next release... I'm not gonna tell you yet though, you'll just have to tune in next time, but my only clue will be that it involves lots of lights & dancing! I've been doing that a lot lately since old friends are coming back to SL, and we are reminiscing of the days, years even, way before Epic & Fae Faire ever existed. So it's nice to blow off a little steam and be inspired all at the same time! So look here for more info inspired new stuff, some good old times and of course cuteness! Until next time, talk to ya soon!


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