Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Some Cuteness & Some Valentine's Day Goodness!


This Second Life Sweethearts Box has been literally a year in the making! I got the idea a year ago last Valentine's Day, but just didn't have enough time sadly to make it. But the upside is I decided to donate this exclusive custom build to Virtual Haiti Relief to help Haiti. So you can only find it in my Virtual Haiti Relief Vendors @ Fae Faire & Epic!

So I just released a bunch of stuff today which I had to put off during the weekend because this Cubital Tunnel Syndrome can be rough! So there's new Valentine's Day Members Dollarbies (a Heart Donut & Teddy Bear, and more...), mega tall trees, whimsical topiaries, star mushies AND a new prefab... *insert drum roll here*

My Cozy Elfin Shoe Cottage is my favorite prefab at the moment! It has a lot of bells & whistles that I'm not gonna bore you with, BUT I will say A LOT of care and love went into this build. And I love it! (I'm trying to figure out how to make room for it to live in on Vanima Shee, hehe!) So these are the highlights of today's Fae Faire release. I'm working on Epic stuff as I blog this. Let's just say the shoe cottage has me going a lil' country! And I'm working on some Valentine's Day Fantasy stuffs and more exclusive Virtual Haiti Relief stuffs. My goal is to have my Epic release on Friday. So until next time y'all!


Posted by Jade at 1:01 AM

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