Thursday, February 11, 2010

Scam Artist Alert!


Well I can't really tell you who it is because I will not violate TOS & get in trouble because of this morally corrupt person. Anyway earlier today it has been brought to my attention that said person has been buying my transferable items from Fae Faire and have been reselling them for A LOT more than what I sell mine for. So of course I banned them and let them know that the prefab they have been selling, has had the permissions changed so it's now no transfer. When they finally contacted me back they pretty much said that they "have to pay bills", and that what they are doing isn't wrong and it's priced higher as a "restocking fee". They are right, according to LL what they are doing isn't wrong, but what about morally? I was livid at this point and said bottom line it's morally corrupt and at the end of they day, if their customer right-clicks it in their inventory it will get back to me as the creator, especially if they need customer service. So I told them I will not honor my customer service policies on items they buy at their store, ESPECIALLY highly scripted items with lots of features. They pretty much tried to return the house and TOLD me to take them off the ban list, then said "that this business is concluded, ty" and logged. Oooo I was seeing red, I got up and was ranting to Ara who was sleeping. Lol I feel bad, when the a-holes and scum in SL get to me like this he always has to hear it. Anyway, when I got back to my computer they logged, so I sent an offline message saying that here's your house back, do what you want and you are still banned from the Vanima Sims, then muted them. It wasn't just a prefab they had, but other items there at their store that they are selling for A LOT more. An example is a swing I sell for 135L, they sell for 300L. Anyway before I got up to rant to Aranel, I asked them how would you feel if you went to a store and bought something to find out they bought it from a reseller with a very high mark up? That when they go to the actual creator's store you find out not only that is it cheaper, but there are better permissions, AND you get customer service if you need help with the items. I said personally I would be angry. And they just ignored my questions. Said that wasn't that point. Then what the F&%$ is the point? I mean I've been here in SL with Fae Faire since 2006. I make things to because I'm an artist and I LOVE to create, but also to make people happy here. I'm always trying to raise the bar and make fun and unique items to put smiles on people's faces. That they buy my items and decorate their homes and feel relaxed, warm, and happy. People even just come to my sims to relax and have fun, to escape real life's harsh realities at times... And then this person comes along and scams them? I mean you can by my low-prim arbor swing with butterfly particles for 135L, and they are selling my swing for 300L? For that price I have other swings with a lot more scripted features and design and detail... So you are just scamming unknowing noobs. I try to price things so they coincide with what features they have. That they are affordable to who wants to buy them. I'm surprised this a-hole didn't try to sell my dollarbies, but then that would be too obvious wouldn't it? I mean the famous ones I have a classified ad out for so they would be seen as a scam artist off the bat. Meh. Anyway, my point is it's not fair to me or the people of SL, that this person is doing this. Especially when if someone buys something from them they will be looking to me for help if something goes wrong. You will stay banned, I can't stop what you are doing, but as you said "you are not good enough yet to build your own items." Well then that's too bad for you. You should know SL has a learning curve. That real life artists from all kinds of backgrounds and mediums like myself comes here to create wonderful stuff. So if you aren't good enough yet most likely you'll never be. And the fact that deep down you know that so you figure why not supplement your store with items to sell, that you couldn't possibly make yourself proves that. You lack talent, creativity and vision. You are belong with the scum and bottom-feeders of SL. And the funny thing is, I'm not as angry that you are reselling it without my permission, but as much as the fact that talking to you, you really couldn't see how you are scamming & hurting people by marking up my cheap items and making them pay through the nose. That you are so focused on passing a buck that you forget about the customers at your store and why they buy your items. So if a customer asks you for the mark-up difference, what would you say? Sorry but you should have been more informed before you bought it? A-hole. Ok this rant is finished. Your request to be unbanned from my sims has been denied so f&%$ off!

PS~ Anyone reading this if you want to know who it is bring up Search, click on the Places tab, type "mushrooms" and it's the store way down the list, way lower than Fae Faire that concentrates on exclusively selling mushrooms & water objects. (How limiting) If you go there, you'll see my stuff. But then they might take it down because being banned from my sims really bothers them for some reason. hehe How lucky for them that the prefab they have been scamming with is a mushie prefab of mine. It's good that I changed the perms!

Posted by Jade at 2:14 AM

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