Friday, February 05, 2010

Cupid's Day is on it's way!


That my pretties is one of the latest dresses out @ Epic! And I can honestly say is probably the best made thus far. I absolutely love it! When I started it, my idea was to make a cute and simple Valentine's Day Lolita dress and it just sort of evolved into this. I was inspired by Alice In Wonderland and Cupid's day so this is what I got. See Katatonik has made the most amazing Alice dress (the best in SL) and I have it in all the styles too (even the bloody ones), and I don't really have any desire to make a new one so why not the Queen of Hearts? Queenie because it reminds me of that PJ Harvey song plus it's so cute! Anyway, I even made a Faun alternative which make it extra cute:

Yeah I had to give this a fantasy twist. Don'tcha love it? Anyway I also made some dollarbie nom-noms that people seem
to be really loving.

It's just a variation of the candy hearts I made last year for Fae Faire. When I was making all this Valentine's Day stuff I thought it would make an awesome dollarbie nom-nom and I was right! So it makes me happy. Now let's get onto the hotness! I 1st started with making girl baseball tees, but then figured that just releasing girl
ie tees isn't really fair to my male Epic customers so here we go!

I Googled guys Valentine's tees and I wanted to make some that were emo and cute and not lame and fem. So I found this idea and I love it! It's what an Emo Lothario would wear I think. Hee~hee. Meh it makes me gush and I totally think it's sexy. And Aranel does look hot here... Yum! And lastly the girlie ones!

I decided to move away from the sheer holiday tees but who says I can't paint on some nipples? Man these took a little bit to get right, when I first started them they looked weird and funny. I had to make sure I used the av mesh to make sure the nipple placement was in the right spot and now it is, and they look good I think. Woot! I think when I do tees from now on they will be featuring these nipples lol.

Okies so these are the highlights of today's release. Now I can finish the other Epic clothes I have on hold in my work box, plus the RFL clothing fair will be here before you know it! And since this is my 1st year doing it I want to make a big splash! But I think I will rest this weekend... My hand is still healing and I need a little break, I made a lot of stuff this week for Epic & Fae Faire.

Until next time, oh and Happy Valentine's Day (even though it's a wee bit early)!


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