Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who knew helping could look so cute?!


So the Virtual Haiti Relief Kiosks are finished and I put mine out at Fae Faire and Epic! I also got a vendor which this weekend I'll be filling it with my favorite creations and exclusive stuff that will be available ONLY in those vendors. I'm really excited about this! All proceeds go to a public designated alt which then will be given to Haiti relief organizations. So please visit the Virtual Haiti Relief website for more info on our SL in-world group, Twitter, Google group and Facebook group, or feel free to drop me a notecard and I'll pass you a donation package for you to get involved! I've been passing out the package to all my content creator friends and I know with all of us working together we really can make a difference! So look for some way cute new stuff coming your way from Epic and Fae Faire all made with love for Haiti relief!

My Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is healing up nicely, my arm gets tired when I overwork it, plus my hand and fingers still hurts and is a little numb, (meh nerve damage takes a long time to heal) but this week I will make all exclusive items while pacing myself. There's so much I want to create but sadly my hand can't keep up with my imagination at the moment. lol But slow and steady wins the race right? Oh and the t-shirt you see above is the freebie you get just by learning more, so click on a kiosk and you can look cute too! But don't forget to donate!


Posted by Jade at 3:02 AM

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