Saturday, January 23, 2010

*Sigh* Finally Some New Stuffs!


LOL, it seems like it's been forever since I made Epic stuff! This Cubital Tunnel Syndrome has me slowed down. I've been doing special exercises and it seems like it's slowly getting better. We'll see! Looks like it's going to take a few weeks. :( Anyway, before I talk about my new stuff, I wanted to give a slight update on my last post. That horrible person I mentioned before decided they wanted a group again and had the nerve to join the new group and poach members, will attempt to anyway... They even sent me an invite! I was so mad, of course I declined, well they are not in the group anymore so I'm glad that's all over! I mean this is a charity for Haiti and they are acting like a kid in Jr. High School. :p Oh but on a positive note I got into this years Relay For Life Clothing Fair! I'm so excited that I can use my creativity to help another awesome cause! =) Ok onto my new stuff!

Above you are looking at my new Kawaii Graffiti Sneakers. I just love them! They come in 9 different colors and the laces and graffiti art changes 15 different colors! I wanted to do something a little street and urban you can mix n' match. Something I love to do in case you haven't figured that out! You can also see my new slouchie arm warmers which are kyoot too!

Above are my new jeans and retro sash belt. I wanted to make simple classic items you guys can build into your style if that makes any sense. So you can dress it up and dress it down, like geek to chic in a few clicks! :D I'm always trying to make stuff that goes well with my older items. It's so fauntastic!

Geek! You can see my new gathered stitched turtlenecks here, which I love too! They look great with my new jeans and last releases' kyoot designer black leggings. I wanted to make some more cute tops that goes with my Snow Bunny Down Vests which seems to be popular. Before I hurt my elbow I made some new manga chibi wings...

These are too cute! I made new falling star particles and a new HUD design. They were inspired from my Fae Faire Cartoon It! Collection. They actually look like they were drawn into Second Life. Meh my arm is starting to hurt. So that's all I have for now! I'm going to go rest and make something to eat. Until next time!


Posted by Jade at 2:04 AM

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