Friday, January 01, 2010

New stuffs for the new year!


Happy New Year! I cleared all the holiday stuff out this week on both sims, but kept the sims snowy for now. I really like the cute winteriness (That's not a word lol.) I have going on, so I'll keep it up for now. Anyways on to the new stuff! As you can see I made stuff to go with my Snow Bunny Down Vests, 14 cute and grungy hoodies, designer print leggings, color changing ballet flats and slouchie leg warmers, aviator glasses and yadda yadda yadda. Basically I made a bunch of stuffs! The pic above was taken at Sinistyle. I really love the grunge look the sim has and I wanted to take a picture in a not-so-cutesie environment which is pretty much my stores. So now I will show you some of my favorites of today's release!

I think these are my best leggings ever! I think I like them more than the other ones I made. I wanted to make some black leggings with designer prints on them and I think they came out great! Stripes, stars, writings, dots, cross-hatched patterns I came up with that will give a kyoot yet subtle look to anything you wear with them. I love mixing things up so you'll really get something different when wearing these!

These are so cute! I love them so much and they color change! Even though I revamped my Grunge Pixie Chucks for the release this week these ballet flats are my fave! And they look ever-so-cute with my new kyoot leggings. I'm really happy with how all this new stuff turned out. I think it's a nice way to kick off the new year. And I'm already working on new stuff. There's so much I want to do and have on deck. Urban grunge role play accessories, new fantasy Fae outfits, steam punk dresses, wings, faun stuffs, and I want to add some more guy stuff to the store, I've been getting a lot of requests for more guy Fae stuff. Thing is, as I said before to do that I have to jump into Ara's skin, hair, and shape, and I REALLY don't like that! lol Soooooo lots to do! So I am very excited! Oh and all this clothing talk doesn't mean I'm leaving Fae Faire behind. I'm constantly adding stuff there, I just don't think it's worth mentioning every little thing lol. I think at the moment I'm more proud of my clothing and accessories.


Happy New Year Second Life!


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