Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm no idiot.


So get this. Around 2 nights ago I was about to log off when a customer messaged me with a problem. They said that they bought several of my garden night lights and none of them worked. I asked if the sim was turned to night and they say yes. See, I knew there was nothing wrong with them because those lamps are almost 2 years old. So if they were broken I would have troubleshooted them ages ago. Anyway they asked if I would like to see and I said sure. Once I got there I set my client to region default and sure enough the sim was not at night. Ok so no problem there. As I was looking around I noticed they had MY winter sim terrain I made in PhotoShop for my store sims. I asked them if you don't mind me asking, where did you get this sim texture... They said oh it was given to me... I then said well isn't that interesting considering I made that texture and it is exclusive to my sims... So they f%$king ripped it from me. Like I'm a f%$king idiot. I played stupid, took note of the sim, conversation, time and took a picture before they changed it, and then said well if this texture is being distributed I will file a DMCA with LL to get to the bottom of this. Then they tried to play if off, no worries we'll change it, and they did. I asked if they could give me a copy of the texture and this customer conveniently didn't have it in her inventory anymore. At this point I am sooo mad, I'm yelling around the house, poor Ara had to hear it all. mind you I'm still nice in type but still absolutely livid! They then asked if I did custom textures... Oh now they f%$king ask? I said sure I would do it for them, but that was 2 nights ago... With my Cubital Tunnel Syndrome still healing, that and a good nights rest I've come to the conclusion that they are LYING Assholes and they can go f%$k themselves. Rather than have revenge by making the texture, taking their money then giving the texture out for free... I just don't have enough energy or time to to even deal with it. I have lots of stuff I'm releasing this week, some of it Virtual Haiti Relief exclusives, lots of Valentine's Day stuff and more at Fae Faire & Epic, and the RFL Clothing Fair will be here before you know it. So whatever it's sooo not worth my time.


PS - Oh and I say right through you and your little friends' pathetic attempt to deflect by complimenting how my AV looked. Go f%$k yourselves!

Posted by Jade at 11:34 PM

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