Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fae Faire has Cartooned It!


That's right! I cartooned up the place. New prefabs, trees, furniture, flowers, grass and mushies all done in an ever so cute illustrated style! This week I started out with just cute cartoon trees but then the creativity started flowing and I came up with all kinds of new stuff! I've been concentrating so much on Epic that my Fae Faire releases are now really spaced out. But rest assured they will always be spectacular! I won't slap together prims to create junk just to release like I know some of my competitors do. :p I like to do what I'm inspired to do, so this week it happens to be mostly Fae Faire. I say mostly because I also made new wings this week which I'm hoping to release this weekend along with some other stuff. I'm so excited! Anway let me talk about some of my favorites of this release!

This by far is my favorite of the release! My Mini Faery Garden House Seat has all the usual bells and whistles like pixie dust and cricket sounds, but I've also added some new features to make this really special! Butterfly particles and a color changer that changes the tops of the mushrooms. Yay! I think these scripts will be a major part of the things I make in 2010 for Fae Faire. See I've been doing color changing options for ages at Epic and FINALLY occurred to me that it would be nice for Fae Faire too! That way everyone can change it up when they get bored and don't have to buy more stuff. I know that's crazy thinking about it on the business side of things but one thing I HATE that creators do in SL is not upgrade their items. As in they made something several years ago and are still trying to push it. Like when sculpts, lighting and flexi never existed kind of old. :p So me making color change options helps me streamline my stuff so I can constantly release and keep the new stuff coming. It's just silly nowadays to do 10 million recolors of a chair and sell each. It's sooo much easier selling one chair with lots of options, then when it gets old trash it and make a new one. It saves time, and money for me and my costumers. :) I also did made a Fae Faire Favorite Bug the Faeries Mushie Seat version too! It's very similar to the pic above so there's no sense in putting it up. But of course that has the color changer too. :D

And lastly this silly furniture! So the last Dollhouse display case is taken by this scene you see here! This is the first time I put texture changing AND color changing scripts in a Fae Faire build. So this is definitely the thing for me to do in 2010 I think. This stuff you see here was inspired by the prefab. I'm debating if I should make more, but I think I'll wait to see how everything sells to see if it worth it. The prefab is one of my smaller ones and is more for art and design rather than function. So there's not much room to pt a lot of furniture inside. I just wanted to put something out there that was a little different from the usual crap you see around. I see it more as a place to spend time alone or with friends, like a cozy place to gather. Anyways I have some RL chores and errands to run, PLUS I want to see if I can finish my Epic stuff for another release this weekend. So time to jet!


Posted by Jade at 6:47 PM

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