Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome & Virtual Relief...


So I haven't been missing just out of commission. :( A week ago I woke up with severe pain in my pinky and ring finger on my right hand... It's really upsetting because I'm a righty and I use it to make stuff :(. But I'm not going to throw a pity party. I'm doing conservative treatments, redid how I sit at my desk and hopefully it will get better. I'm also making myself work through the pain a bit because I don't want those muscles to get weak. So I have a crap ton of new stuff in my pockets I need to box and vendor and do the ads for at Epic. Which works out because it will also help Haiti! Woot! Saturday I joined in to support Virtual Haiti Relief, a SL organization that will be raising money to help Haiti. I'm hoping to get a lot of other content creators involved. I figure I can use my resources to generate more cash for the relief and I'm really happy I have the ability to do that! See there was a group that was started at the first meeting yesterday. Well last night the owner made a post all dramatic like how she can't see eye to eye with anyone. Basically showing her ass. It made me so mad because like me, she is a black women in SL and she was just freakin' embarrassing on so many levels. Black, being a woman, just being a general human being this LOSER couldn't put aside her petty differences to help people who really need it. Mind you I don't know what the drama was about but it all just seemed pathetic and silly. I muted them and banned them from my sims. I don't want that negative energy lurking around, especially when all these wonderful people here want to do something amazing to help people who really need it. But before I drop this and move on I want to say one thing. BITCH! You really do disgust me. At the very least you pass the ownership to someone else. You don't put up a huge dramatic stink and eject everyone from the group. I'm happy a new group was started and that you're not in it. We really don't need your negative energy. :p Ok done, now onto helping! :)


Posted by Jade at 11:48 PM

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