Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're back in a tiny kind of way!

So Epic's new home has fit into Vanima Shee wonderfully! I think you guys really like the changes to the store, and we really appreciate the positive feedback we've been getting lately! Between customs and new stuffs for Epic & Fae Faire we've now been working on upgrading Vanima Nore with new teleport systems and soon a new look! It's been a year since the last store remodel (wow how time flies) so it's definitely time for Fae Faire to get the new look Epic got! Anyway, above is a pic of my new tiny self. I use to be a tiny hippo but alas I've found Loco Pocos, (and I abosolutely love Katatonik's lolita dresses, so happy she went tiny too!) and fell in love with ALL their tiny avatars. My fave is Uni the unicorn, it's sooooo cute anf I'm wearing one of Kat's dresses, I love it!

So, Rav and I have had Fae Faire's Tiny Town line for about a year now... (OMG, we've been here since '06!) And we have so many new stuff coming out for that line that we finally got ourselves a stall at Raglan Shire. We've been a part of the main group since last summer but we really want to support this awesome community more as artisans too! So you can find an Epic and Fae Faire stall at the shops in Raglan Shire, I made it super cute and we're very excited to be doing more over there! So that's the dilly-yo! LOL this is what's going on in my little, I mean TINY Second Life at the moment!



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Friday, July 17, 2009

It's coming... Oh boy it's here!

That my friends is the new and improved Epic! Since Vanima Shee wasn't really being used and I donated a lot of the stuff I built on Shee to the Fae of Terabithia, I decided it was about time to give Epic the the store that it deserves. Lately I've been on a clothing kick... Mainly Harajuku, anime, manga type of stuffs but I'm loving it! The new store is a little kitschy with a modern and fantasy twist. I think it fits me and what I do, and will do at Epic. I'm really excited! Same fun but more professional in my opinion. The store is pretty much ready to go and I did it all in 2 days! What can i say i work fast and when I'm in the zone I'm like a zombie lol. There's still a few odds and ends that need to be done but the only thing holding me back is LL updating the Grid picture! It's really cute, 2 heart islands... Once it's updated, I will open it, BUT the grand opening will be later when I can work out the party detail. Gah I'm tired...


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Thursday, July 09, 2009

You're being called out my little mermaid...

And it's about freakin' time! People are starting to realize what you really are, isn't karma wonderful? All I can say is I know you won't be banned... And I know it comes across as "drama"... However, if people are coming out of the wood work claiming one after the other saying that the little mermaid has been stealing people's work, do you really think said person should be representing a group known for it's honesty, good character and honor? I would hope not.

Just a thought...


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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Chibi Chibi!!! Sooo cute stuffs!

Hey all! Today, well yesterday I spent the day retooling my chibi wing look and it's finally done! Right now I'm waiting for Ara to fix the scripts because they went buggy but they will be released soon. I caught it right before I was about to log out and already had them up in the store lol. I'm so excited because they are really cute and I finally got them to look they way I wanted. The come in 9 different colors and also comes with a HUD to change the particle colors. Oh and resize scripts and they are copyable of course! From now on I'm going to try to step up my clothing features.. Color changing... HUD's, pretty particles all the bells and whistles I can dream up to make your av's look totally cute!

On another note... The rumors are making it through the grapevine (check my post from a few days ago) and that two bit hack claims she got the clothing texture from the same resource... Well I highly doubt that. (She doesn't even do her own clothing textures, nor put together a lot of her prims for that matter.) See I've been using Photo Shop for almost 10 years now and looking at her ads and designs you can tell her "talent" is very limited. She stole that dress plain and simple, all she knows how to do is steal. She really is pathetic. I will keep talking about this and speaking my mind, and letting the people know that she's hurting, showing them for what she really is. I never met such a thieving person in my life. Not in art school... Not at work, and coming from my background I have met some very talented and artistic people since I'm an artist myself... And she just makes me sick. I mean how many DMCAs have to be on her ass before she gets the idea? Crazy Hag...

Ok that last paragraph was all my anger. That troll puts me in a blind rage that at times I can't even see straight. I'm usually a happy person, and I'm really trying to forgive and let go but I just can't do it just yet. I'm not ready to make nice... What she did AND doing is wrong and I despise it. I hope one day I can get to where Ravyn is and just not care anymore. See I don't care in a way because I've been creating, having fun, making cute things and that's what makes me happy, but every now and then there's a customer messaging me or a blog post saying how she has ripped off another person. And I really can't stand it... But I'm just going to keep on keeping on, it's all I can do.

<3 Jade

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

An Epic Reform!

Epic now has a subscribe-o-matic and has expanded! Upgraded, BIGGER, re-designed and somewhat re-textured, Epic Clothing has a new look! Lots of my old stuffs are discounted around the store and look for deals in the freebies and cheapies section. I think I needed a change and my clothes, shoes, and accessories have gotten better. I'm trying to focus more on shading and detail to give you guys the high detail and design you guys deserve in the clothing that you buy. In this pic, me and Esthero is wearing 2 of my new Silly Frilly Lacy Dresses, I'm wearing "Jester" and Est is wearing "Dirty Dots." Stocking, shoes and gauntlets all done by me with resize scripts! And look for this pic around Fae Faire on Vanima Nore that way you can join Epic's new subscribe-o-matic update group!

<3 Jade

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LOL what a thief!

What goes around comes around eh? I'm happy people are finally seeing her for the thief that she really is check it out! ----->

Oh and if you ever inspected her clothing prims in some of "her" dresses only ONE of them are usually hers, the last one linked of course. So that means she pretty much buys business in the box clothing prims and links one of hers to make it look like she made it. Man she must be angry that LL came up with the inspect feature.... :( What a glorified reseller. LAME!

Just thought you all should know... ~Jade

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