Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So I'm not alone?

I'm angry and bored so I decided to Google the very rude and annoying Linden that responded to my ticket I submitted. I was very polite and nice in my query and I got a freakin' rude answer back like how dare I ask such a thing. Like my simple question was like me demanding him, her or shall I say it, that they should deliver the world at my feet. Never have I met someone so rude and condescending in type. I couldn't even say anything back because I would look like the villain.Well say what I really wanted to say anyway lol. I even read what this Linden said allowed to my friends and they all agree... THEY ARE AN ASS. I say "they" because they from my Google results are one of those people who is a guy IRL and plays a chick here... Pathetic. Oh and as for the results apparently a lot of people have blogged, forum posted about this particular Linden... And none of them had anything nice to say either. I wish there was a way we can report them to LL. Linden Lab employees shouldn't ever act that way. We all agree you are a condescending ASS! And though I know it may not work me banning you from my sims, it still makes me feel better that you are on my blacklist and maybe somehow LL will know it too. Dude stop hiding behind text, wearing fairy wings with your sad looking av, you're a sad and pathetic little man. If I met you in real life I would house you. Really I would. I'm 5'll" and Aranel is 6'4", we would wreck you. Gah I'm so pissed! I mean you should get back what you put out you know? I was very nice in sweet in my ticket submission and he totally took a crap on me. His life must really suck. Seriously.

I'm done ranting over this loser.

Posted by Jade at 6:45 PM

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