Friday, December 11, 2009

Let it snooooow!


Finally! Some new stuffs at Fae Faire! I haven't had a Fae Faire exclusive release in quite a while too! So this is one of my faves, my Elfin Snowflake Sanctuary. People seem to really like it and it's very special for me. The best part is the captured snowflake lanterns with falling Pixie dust, this pic really do it justice. I'm also selling it as a cheapie because I want people to enjoy the gift of giving! And yes this was built in Emerald lighting so I feel bad for the people still using LL's basic client... Anyway this is also my fave holiday thingy I made this week:

This is my Romantic Mistletoe Meeting. I love this one because it has a little romance, a little whimsy and a bunch of cuteness! AND cheap too! Okies so these are my 2 favorites of the week that's in the seasonal section of Fae Faire! I took the 1st part of the week off but I did manage to start my last holiday dress which will be ready next week. Ooo and maybe I will put that one in the lucky chair too! Oh and I can't say for certain but as of this moment I think I'm done with holiday stuff... LOL who am I kidding I have a lot more little cute things I want to make and gift to my group members! Anyways, Happy gift giving and until next time!


Posted by Jade at 7:17 PM

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