Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And lastly...


Woot! My last holiday dress for 2009! The last 2 posts I've been mentioning it and here it is! I'm sooo happy how it turned out and I LOVE IT! It's my favorite out of all the holiday dresses from Halloween to Christmas this year! It's been a great year for Epic, especially the 2nd half and I am so glad to still be creating things that make people happy, feel good about themselves and love! Oh yeah, made some new items for Fae Faire but you can see those in my group notices, I just want to gush over how much I LOVE this dress! I've been wanting to make a lolita holiday themed dress for a while now, had it in my head for weeks, even started it 2 weeks ago but didn't really like where it was going... Now it's exactly where I want it to be and I couldn't happier! Yay! So it's @ the store as I speak and being modeled. I hope you enjoy it! Until next time!


Posted by Jade at 3:19 AM

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