Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So I'm not alone?

I'm angry and bored so I decided to Google the very rude and annoying Linden that responded to my ticket I submitted. I was very polite and nice in my query and I got a freakin' rude answer back like how dare I ask such a thing. Like my simple question was like me demanding him, her or shall I say it, that they should deliver the world at my feet. Never have I met someone so rude and condescending in type. I couldn't even say anything back because I would look like the villain.Well say what I really wanted to say anyway lol. I even read what this Linden said allowed to my friends and they all agree... THEY ARE AN ASS. I say "they" because they from my Google results are one of those people who is a guy IRL and plays a chick here... Pathetic. Oh and as for the results apparently a lot of people have blogged, forum posted about this particular Linden... And none of them had anything nice to say either. I wish there was a way we can report them to LL. Linden Lab employees shouldn't ever act that way. We all agree you are a condescending ASS! And though I know it may not work me banning you from my sims, it still makes me feel better that you are on my blacklist and maybe somehow LL will know it too. Dude stop hiding behind text, wearing fairy wings with your sad looking av, you're a sad and pathetic little man. If I met you in real life I would house you. Really I would. I'm 5'll" and Aranel is 6'4", we would wreck you. Gah I'm so pissed! I mean you should get back what you put out you know? I was very nice in sweet in my ticket submission and he totally took a crap on me. His life must really suck. Seriously.

I'm done ranting over this loser.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't get it twisted.


You know things usually go great in my Second Life then every once in a while a fool does something to piss me off. Ok I guess I have to repeat myself. AGAIN. I've been in SL for almost 4 years. I have been copybotted, I have had friends who have been copybotted and the bottom line is I run my business they way I like, AND that makes me feel comfortable as a content creator in SL. Ok with that said, what is Jade going on about? The fact that my clothes and clothing attachments are NO MODIFY. They aren't no mod because I'm afraid of it being copybotted, it's because I (and I want to yell now) HAVE HAD PEOPLE BUY MODIFY ITEMS TO TAKE THEM APART TO SEE HOW I MADE THEM, THEN HAVE THE NERVE TO RESELL THEIR VERSION OF THE ITEM THEY BOUGHT FROM ME AND I CREATED. I'm not a freakin' noob. I know no modify items will NOT protect against the likes of CryoLife for example. I know this, and my decision to sell my high-end clothing attachments this way is MY CHOICE, it makes me happy and comfortable to create here in SL despite all the ways I can be robbed. So that's what resize scripts are for. To give me the content creator a piece of mind when putting my stuff out there in SL. You don't like it? Then don't buy it! I can assure you I'm not alone in this rule that lots of clothing and skin designers here in SL have as well. My vendor ads are clearly marked with permissions, I even have the permissions labeled in the description so when you hover over it you know exactly what your getting. So don't you dare have the f&%$ing nerve to discreetly pass me a note about myths on copybotting after I told you I will not give you a modify version and assume to understand my reasons. Gah there's more to the story of the person I'm talking about but I'm not going to get into that... I just had to say this. It's really unfair to be treated like I am an idiot for saying no. I politely told you I would not pass you a modifiable version. I was kind and very respectful towards you, and you should have left it at that and respected my wishes. I will just close this rant and try to forget about it because I'm soooooo tempted to pound the ban hammer on your ass.


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And lastly...


Woot! My last holiday dress for 2009! The last 2 posts I've been mentioning it and here it is! I'm sooo happy how it turned out and I LOVE IT! It's my favorite out of all the holiday dresses from Halloween to Christmas this year! It's been a great year for Epic, especially the 2nd half and I am so glad to still be creating things that make people happy, feel good about themselves and love! Oh yeah, made some new items for Fae Faire but you can see those in my group notices, I just want to gush over how much I LOVE this dress! I've been wanting to make a lolita holiday themed dress for a while now, had it in my head for weeks, even started it 2 weeks ago but didn't really like where it was going... Now it's exactly where I want it to be and I couldn't happier! Yay! So it's @ the store as I speak and being modeled. I hope you enjoy it! Until next time!


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Friday, December 11, 2009

Let it snooooow!


Finally! Some new stuffs at Fae Faire! I haven't had a Fae Faire exclusive release in quite a while too! So this is one of my faves, my Elfin Snowflake Sanctuary. People seem to really like it and it's very special for me. The best part is the captured snowflake lanterns with falling Pixie dust, this pic really do it justice. I'm also selling it as a cheapie because I want people to enjoy the gift of giving! And yes this was built in Emerald lighting so I feel bad for the people still using LL's basic client... Anyway this is also my fave holiday thingy I made this week:

This is my Romantic Mistletoe Meeting. I love this one because it has a little romance, a little whimsy and a bunch of cuteness! AND cheap too! Okies so these are my 2 favorites of the week that's in the seasonal section of Fae Faire! I took the 1st part of the week off but I did manage to start my last holiday dress which will be ready next week. Ooo and maybe I will put that one in the lucky chair too! Oh and I can't say for certain but as of this moment I think I'm done with holiday stuff... LOL who am I kidding I have a lot more little cute things I want to make and gift to my group members! Anyways, Happy gift giving and until next time!


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Saturday, December 05, 2009

An Angelic Variation!


So I've still been in a vampy vixen kind of mood, so this is the latest! A variation on my Santa's Candy Jane outfit. And I love it! I'm actually wearing it at the moment. My favorite part of it is the halo. I think anyone can just plop a torus above their head and make it glow, but my goal when making this halo was to get a costume kind of feel. Ya know, the ones you get that has a head band that has wires attached to it holding some kind of fuzzy halo. So I think it's totally cute! I also am selling the halo separately so you can wear it with the Angel Cookie holiday tee at the store. Oh and I put my butterfly chibi wings into the pack too! Anyway, so either tomorrow or the next day I'm going to work on another dress I've had in my head for a while, it will have a lolita twist to it. So that's it for now, I'm really happy with how this turned out.. woot!


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Friday, December 04, 2009

OMG Cute!

I've been playing with my Scribble Photo Booth at the store and I love it! Faun feet me, hehe! :)

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My Very 1st Holiday Dress!

And I love it!

Hihi! Been working to bring tons of holiday crap to Fae Faire & Epic! This is my latest and I'm soo proud of it! This was one of the dresses I had in my head I have a few others I want to make and will release next week. Plus an exclusive Epic Subscribe-O-Matic gift, but I ain't saying a word about it! Anyway this dress comes with stockings, and long satin gloves and a corseted top, the top and gloves which are new styles, see I'm trying to branch out with different cuts and shapes. But the best part is the candy cane stocking tie you see that's on my left stocking.... You click on it and it gives you a candy cane treat, so I decided to call it Santa's Candy Jane, I think it's fitting. Well that's the new stuff for now, today I will just tinker around with prims, I have something in my head I want to make... So that's it for now!


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