Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter Wickedness is a comin'!


Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it's hard to believe the year is almost over! I have lots of things to be thankful for and one is my little pocket of sunshine I have here on SL. Yeah that's right, creating stuffs that people love! Before I explain the picture above, I just wanted to update a few things, 1st I finally got into the CCA (Content Creators Association) which I'm very happy about. You need a sponsor in order to join and it's a really serious group with info and support on SL content theft. So yay! I'm happy! And 2nd and lastly on my updates is my last post... I decided that my SL except for a few select friends is my creative outlet and a job. What does that mean? Well I make enough that I can pay my sim tiers and pay bills and buy groceries, and obviously if you looked at this past year of all the work I've done it's serious for me. I take pride in my work and work really hard with Ara to come up with neat things that look wonderful, are well and uniquely scripted, and just plain fun! So as I said except for a few select friends that I occasionally chat and hang out with, SL is a job. So I decided to cut down a lot of the groups I belong to, only being in my business and update groups, friends' business and update groups, content creators support groups, and merchant vendor groups. And a few select fantasy groups I will remain in. Soooo... Getting to the point I dropped that group I mentioned I my last post. I wish them all luck, but I need to be in a mass merchant update group that takes professionalism seriously... That are willing to follow the rules of said group, plus maintain an unspoken industry standard that comes directly from real life. Some that I have noticed have no idea what that is because they have no real life formal training. You know, that knows about color, design, typography, advertising, marketing and such. So yeah I notice in that group there are a lot of hobbyists if you will, rather than real life artists who understands these elements and have no problem translating it to Second Life. So yeah I dropped them like a bad habit hehe.

Okies, not to the picture! This Friday is Black Friday, which i'm planning on a big Epic release, so I decided to take up all the fall and pumpkin crap so I wouldn't have to do it on Friday. I pretty much made the snow textures in both sims and decorated and made it look all wintry wicked with stuff you can buy from Fae Faire. So this is a picture of Epic. It's so pretty, and when you tp in, there's falling snow and snow banks... The picture really is too small to do it justice, but if you go to the sims you'll see. Oh and I took this in Emerald of course! Oh and that reminds me for those of you that have no idea what the Emerald client is, I will put it on my links page. Anyway it's now winter in the sims, I have a special release coming out this Black Friday, and this weekend I'll start on Christmas stuffs! Oh and I have some many cute Christmas outfits swirling in my head! Ok, that's it for now, it's late, or early, and don't really care. Gab again soon!

Oh and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Posted by Jade at 3:21 AM

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