Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things to be thankful for...


So yesterday was a big release for Epic & Fae Faire! More Fae Fai
re though... The holidays are coming and the seasons are changing so there was so much stuff I had to make! I'm going to gab about the highlights, my 2 favorite items this week actually... hehe So this is my Pilgrim inspired dollie dress I had in my head since last month. I absolutely love it and I hope you do too! I didn't really think Pilgrim clothes has been really done here in SL, so I thought it would be cute to do something fun, silly and definitely sexy. I'm telling you, I'm really getting the hang of making clothes now and I really love it! Yeah so the best part of my Pennie Pilgrim dress is that it comes with homemade pumpkin pie! You wear it and your friends can click on it for some yummy Thanksgiving goodness! Oh and this is the 1st dollie dress of mine that you can wear without the skirt! I made an optional bow you can just wear and that goes on your back. Oh how I love this dress! Oh and here's a picture of how it looks all Faun style if you don't want to wear shoes.

My goal is to make all kinds of fun seasonal and holiday items that are unique, special and gives you a happy feeling every time you put it on! So as said in the beginning this weeks release was a little bigger on the Fae Faire end which was long overdue! So yes. It's been a while, and it was definitely time for a new prefab!

This is by far our roomiest and my favorite prefab I've made so far! Lol but I say that about every prefab I make. :D The idea behind this was to take elements from Sacred 2, a Xbox 360 game me and Ara plays in our spare time, (Oh did I tell you I'm playing WoW again? Yeah I switched factions back to Alliance.) but it just ran far away from that and I love it! I wanted to capture a cute Elfin feel but be a little darker than
the stuff we usually make at Fae Faire. It's really roomy, and had 3 stories with a finished attic! Oh and a balcony which is a 1st for me, Ravyn has a few prefabs with them... Ok so I love it, it makes me happy looking at it and I hope people will love living in it, and this may sound cheesy, but build memories in this home! And the icicle elements are something I'm planning to include with future prefabs! Ok that's it for now... I'm gonna say this early, even though I know i will say it again later, I'm just in a festive mood! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, and the holidays are coming so I hope that's filled with joy too! The kinda joy I get from making stuff, it really is an awesomely wonderful feeling!

Okies until next time!

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