Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Some Poshie Stuffs & Down Time and a stupid loser EX...


Well Halloween is finally over, I'm really glad about that I was really getting tired of it all. This year I was smart and limited the Halloween decoration crap to 2 spots, one on each sim, so clean up was real easy this year. Woot! Ok, so I made a bunch of Poshie stuffs (been feeling poshie last week) I released the day before Halloween, bags, dresses, shoes, bracelets and scarves... It was a big release and man I'm still tired, I've been working hard lately! Too hard so I'm taking it easy this week! Even though I have a prefab in my head and new fantasy av stuff for Epic swirling around, I'll start it later this week so stay tuned! Blah too many exclamation points lol. I'm hoping I can release Fae Faire and Epic stuffs next weekend. I'm slowing this week too because on the 5th is suppose to be a gride wide protest of SL content creators. We're encouraging customers to not buy anything (we're closing our shops) or upload anything for the day to show LL that we have control over Second Life's economy. LL should be taking better measures against the theft of our hard work. Clients like Cryolife have people stealing our clothes, hair, homes, almost everything. Anyway I hope Linden Labs listens because we LOVE creating here, we make SL go, not to mention cute and fun! Let's see how it goes...

Ok store stuff. I continued to rework the outside of Epic, I've been so inspired by the Albero mall sim and figured Vanima Shee needed more cuteness! So my friend Andel now has a shop on the little island, she makes adorable poses by the way! I have one more spot I'm reserving for a special someone who makes awesome skins and wants to move into a fantasy line. Something I think will be a perfect fit for what I do at Epic. So that's enough about that.

Ok lastly A-hole. Last week my ex had the nerve to come to my sim... Apparently he's back in SL and the freakin' loser had the nerve to come to my sims and check up on me? This is all you'll be hearing of this but this is all I want to say. You freakin' tried to destroy my 1st life don't think you can come here with your pathetic self and try a go at my 2nd. It's funny too because if you look at his profile he looks like a noob and talks like a noob even if his rez date is in 2006. Oh and did I tell you he fancies himself an artist? It's a joke because you wouldn't be able to even tell that by looking at his profile. He is one of those people who treats SL as a game.. You know that thinks the people on the other end are NPCs and not real people. Like SL is some magical mask for you to walk around like the asshole you really are. I say this because I know he doesn't take any other people here seriously, he thinks it's a joke, it's why his profile is so vapid and absent. It actually lends to the person of that profile doesn't it? Lol puts in his 1st life tab: "what is this 1st life you speak of?" What a FUCKING loser! Take your cult, kool-aid drinking, yu-gi-oh playing ways and stay the fuck away from me in here or I'll destroy you.

Ok I'm done now. I'm not gonna always be sugary sweet. I make happy stuff because for the most part I am happy, but when I see wastes of space like that flying around my sims I HAVE to say something. Besides, this isn't a game to me. We are NOT NPCs. This is my creative outlet, a place we're I can have fun and be silly with some cool people I've met... I may be fantasy in SL but I bring myself, I wish others could. I'm not saying wear your heart on your sleeve here, but from my experience with people online, people like that who overtly looks like they are going to great lengths to keep SL separate from their RL is ALWAYS up to something shady. Plain and simple, our 1st lives shapes who we are in SL whether we want to beleive it or not. Blah excuse the run on sentences all my thoughts are jumbled on this. But I do feel better! Okies by for now!



Posted by Jade at 6:15 PM

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