Sunday, November 29, 2009

OMG Christmas Stuffs!

And cute too!


I can't believe I gunned all this stuff out in a day! I made 6 new cheapie Holiday Tees, in 3 different colors and both for you guys and girlies out there! Santa hats in red and green and Reindeer Antlers with blinking glowy lights and candy canes you and your friends can click on for yummy holiday treats. Hehe and I spoiled my Epic Subscribe-O-Matic customers by passing it out to them 1st. Well all this crap is now in the store and being modeled, but I won't announce them until Tuesday, the 1st day of December when I start to release all my 2009 Fae Faire holiday stuffs and dollarbies. Gotta keep it right, gotta keep it tight is what I always say. I've been doing this since 2006 and I always try to keep my stuff up to date because SL changes just like real life changes. Sooooo.. I have a lot of new holiday stuff coming out this week, AND I finally will be able to sit down and work on my holiday dress for this year, the ideas have been swirling in my head for weeks and they need to get out! lol. Ohhh! And I bought a Scribble Photo Booth and I LOVE it! I used my mad skills to build it into the wall at the store as soon as you walk in you'll see it. It looks really good and people have been messing with it, so it seems. I also put out a picture drop box out front and hopefully I'll get awesome pics to plaster all around the photo booth wall. We'll see! Anyways no rest for the wicked and I have crazy stuff I want to make this week and I am knackered! My wrist is sore from all the work I've been doing but it's so much fun and addicting! So it's in a wrap again and feeling a bit better. Okies that's it for now, ta ta!


PS- Yes that's me blonde! Ara made a joke yesterday and it got me to thinking how I love my brunette exotic look because it looks closer to me in real life, BUT I need to start doing my ads with less a new kind of look... Ironically the look I choose is the standard you usually see in SL, which is out of my element for me, BUT I love it! I really really do! After almost 4 years being here as my regular self it really is a nice change!

Posted by Jade at 8:01 AM

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