Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ok, I'm really annoyed...


Ok, as I said, I'm annoyed. Reading my blog, seeing my creations, chatting with me, you should get the impression of who I am. Anyway alright... I've been here in SL almost 4 years now, a few months after that I started Fae Fae Home & Garden with my biz partner and wonderful friend Ravyn, and 2 years later Epic Fantasy Wings & Clothing. Both really successful and expanding as time goes by, which I'm so happy and grateful for! Ok, if you ask about my rl experience with art and design, you'd know I'm a real life artist, I love all kinds of mediums, I've pretty much done everything from drawing and digital illustration, to photography, sculpture and painting... Basically whatever material I can get my hands on to create something I grab lol. I have 2 degrees in Computer Graphics and Graphic Design. In school I've taken all kinds of art and design classes but also advertising and marketing. So basically I know how to make neat stuff but then I was also taught how to package that neat stuff and get it out to the masses. To be honest my computer will always be my greatest medium because I can take everything traditional like my photography and drawings and then bring it on here to make something totally awesome and new. Anyway, I belong to several design collective update groups. For the most part they all pretty much have the same cookie cutter rules. Only one notice per a week, they have to be related to the kind of things that group strives for in their notices and yadda yadda yadda. Well one group which I won't mention the name, really annoyed me, well some of the people anyway. First let me say the creator of this group is a wonderful and nice person and this rant has nothing to do with her and her managers trying to run said group. However, I have a BIG freakin' gripe to pick with some of the idiots as "designers" there.

Ok. What happened was the group got into a discussion in group chat about how people were not following the rules when putting notices out. So there was me, totally agreeing with the rules being talked about, but then I noticed there wasn't a rule in this group that every other group I belong to has. So I was like I would like to suggest another rule. PICTURES. I mean SL is a visual game. We are attracted to and captivated by what we see in a wonderful world made of pixels. So my suggestion was that designers need to add pictures to note cards. It's not a ridiculous idea. People want to see things before they buy. They don't want to read descriptions of the stuff people make THAT'S VISUAL. You wouldn't buy something on xstreet without a picture would you? Or be tempted to go to the store in-world for a closer look? IDIOTS. I think people who just describe what they make knows deep down their items aren't up to par. Like maybe using colorful and dreamy words to describe their items will get some poor fool to go to their store. To me, that comes across as ignorant, and amatureish, and childish. Plain and simple. Especially in a group where daily new people are joining, you really have to think of every notice you put out as a way as introducing yourself to new people. "Hi, I'm a designer and I have new stuff, here's a note card with some pictures of my new stuff that is out at my store. Take a look." But the suggestion was only to help the other stores out there. Some took it just fine, but others got all defensive. It was only a suggestion, it doesn't matter what you do, nor do I care, I really was only trying to help. I make profit here and pay bills with my stores... So I was just putting something out there to help other businesses get more traffic and interest in their products. To be honest the way I feel now with some of the defensive "designers" and their borderline snide comments, I got in the chat, I just want to say fuck off. GO ahead and keep failing. Because I'm a shopper and a content creator here. And it's so small minded to be all up in your head and think because you love something you have created, it means others will love it too. So you can spend your entire notice describing how wonderful your items are, but if you don't have a picture to back it up? That's just plain stupid, and very bad business. I guess marketing in SL really separates the men from the boys. Bottom line? LL is trying to weed out the average and crappy content creators in Second Life in the years to come. Showing you products will give you an advantage to the pollution out there who just talks about what they make rather than showing it. Lol you'll just get weeded out... So why not do everything you can to stay ahead of the curve? This is all I'm going to say on the subject. I'm not hurting for business so I don't think I will ever suggest anything anymore that will help other people unless they are my friends. Let them just go out there and walk around blind.

So lame,

Posted by Jade at 10:45 AM

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