Saturday, November 07, 2009

Faun Things, Stepping Up & New Releases...


So Step Up is over and I went upload crazy at 12am slt to get everything ready
for Friday's release. With the sims being closed on Thursday it was actually easier and a lot quieter getting things done, didn't have customers asking me questions and such lol! So two days of work finally paid off! I've been in the mood to make Faun stuffs and here's just 1 from my new Faun Boot set that comes in 8 different styles and 2 unisex styles. The socks are color changing too! I've been wearing them like crazy, I really really love them! Oh and the horns are included. =) Here's one of the unisex promo pics I did with Ara, I couldn't forget my Faun Fellas! Oh and I realized fusion isn't spelled right, but I kinda like it with a "H"!

So all this Faun stuff has been inspired by my friend Andel who was wearing Faun things last week and I thought Ooooo I should make some Epic style cute stuffs! I'm really happy how everything turned out! She also gave me the idea to actually start taking pictures around SL with me wearing my stuff. So I decided to redo the Epic classified pic (check my profile in-world)
and here's my fave! This one was taken at Chakryn Forest (you can find it in search) which also has stuff from Fae Faire there. The forest is beautiful and definitely impressive for an OS sim. lots of tricking with the eye which I really love and starting to play with myself. Anyway here it is and it's also one of the photos in my new ad. =)

Yep so there you have it, me in my Pim Whimsy Outfit, I just LOVE the lighting! Man oh man I love the Emerald Client! So that's pretty much it, I really have to get this prefab out of my head! Oh and don't forget to pick up Fae Faire's Thanksgiving dollarbies! they look just like the Sweet Potato Pie my mom use to make and loved! Okies I'm out!


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