Friday, November 27, 2009

A Blowout Sale & New Snowy Stuffs!


So yes this Epic's 1st annual Black Friday Blowout Sale! I wanted to do something fun today since I refuse to go out on this evil and scary day to shop, so why not in SL in the comfort of your own home? So I went around the store picking up all my favorite black things and put them all under this tree (which I made and totally love) for 20-50% off. The tree will be available at Fae Faire next week after me and Ara add some fun scripts to it to make it more interactive so people can have a holiday SL experience as well. Anyway so all my favorites are there, and the store is decorated with lights and candy canes too, woot! I had to decorate the store to get everyone in the holiday mood since I also had a big release today and this month I will be gunning out tons of holiday stuffs at both Epic and Fae Faire. I have sooooo many ideas in my head, and not to mention the fact that I have a lot of stuff on deck and in the works in my work box. Okies, so let me gab about the today's new releases, here are some of my faves!

Snow Bunny Down Vest in Green

I would have to say that this is my favorite color, that and the gold I love to wear. I made these vests and also jackets with sculpty sleeves that are available in 11 different colors. I love them and I think they are toooo cute! Lol, I got inspired all from finding a neat texture that reminded me of down jackets. So here they are! They are also being modeled at the store. Okies, next!

Snow Button Boots, for Fauns too!

These boots are also for normal feet too but what I love about them is the trailing snowflake particles and the optional crunchy snow sounds! I wanted to make some boots that matched my new jacket and vests but would also add a winter touch to everything. And Finally...

Jail Bird Tanks

These come in 7 colors and I also made matching stitched leggings to give you girlies the complete Snow bunny look! Lol, jail bird because of the stripes and the birdie decal, I thought literal would be cute.

Okies so there you have it, I'm exhausted! between cooking Thanksgiving yesterday and tweaking all the ads in PhotoShop between doing things my Carpal Tunnel is flaring up so I need to give it a day of rest beofre I get into anything else just yet. SO it will give me some time to decorate for Christmas and put up our tree irl. Lol kinda funny I decorated in my second life first...

Bye for now!


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