Sunday, November 29, 2009

OMG Christmas Stuffs!

And cute too!


I can't believe I gunned all this stuff out in a day! I made 6 new cheapie Holiday Tees, in 3 different colors and both for you guys and girlies out there! Santa hats in red and green and Reindeer Antlers with blinking glowy lights and candy canes you and your friends can click on for yummy holiday treats. Hehe and I spoiled my Epic Subscribe-O-Matic customers by passing it out to them 1st. Well all this crap is now in the store and being modeled, but I won't announce them until Tuesday, the 1st day of December when I start to release all my 2009 Fae Faire holiday stuffs and dollarbies. Gotta keep it right, gotta keep it tight is what I always say. I've been doing this since 2006 and I always try to keep my stuff up to date because SL changes just like real life changes. Sooooo.. I have a lot of new holiday stuff coming out this week, AND I finally will be able to sit down and work on my holiday dress for this year, the ideas have been swirling in my head for weeks and they need to get out! lol. Ohhh! And I bought a Scribble Photo Booth and I LOVE it! I used my mad skills to build it into the wall at the store as soon as you walk in you'll see it. It looks really good and people have been messing with it, so it seems. I also put out a picture drop box out front and hopefully I'll get awesome pics to plaster all around the photo booth wall. We'll see! Anyways no rest for the wicked and I have crazy stuff I want to make this week and I am knackered! My wrist is sore from all the work I've been doing but it's so much fun and addicting! So it's in a wrap again and feeling a bit better. Okies that's it for now, ta ta!


PS- Yes that's me blonde! Ara made a joke yesterday and it got me to thinking how I love my brunette exotic look because it looks closer to me in real life, BUT I need to start doing my ads with less a new kind of look... Ironically the look I choose is the standard you usually see in SL, which is out of my element for me, BUT I love it! I really really do! After almost 4 years being here as my regular self it really is a nice change!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

A Blowout Sale & New Snowy Stuffs!


So yes this Epic's 1st annual Black Friday Blowout Sale! I wanted to do something fun today since I refuse to go out on this evil and scary day to shop, so why not in SL in the comfort of your own home? So I went around the store picking up all my favorite black things and put them all under this tree (which I made and totally love) for 20-50% off. The tree will be available at Fae Faire next week after me and Ara add some fun scripts to it to make it more interactive so people can have a holiday SL experience as well. Anyway so all my favorites are there, and the store is decorated with lights and candy canes too, woot! I had to decorate the store to get everyone in the holiday mood since I also had a big release today and this month I will be gunning out tons of holiday stuffs at both Epic and Fae Faire. I have sooooo many ideas in my head, and not to mention the fact that I have a lot of stuff on deck and in the works in my work box. Okies, so let me gab about the today's new releases, here are some of my faves!

Snow Bunny Down Vest in Green

I would have to say that this is my favorite color, that and the gold I love to wear. I made these vests and also jackets with sculpty sleeves that are available in 11 different colors. I love them and I think they are toooo cute! Lol, I got inspired all from finding a neat texture that reminded me of down jackets. So here they are! They are also being modeled at the store. Okies, next!

Snow Button Boots, for Fauns too!

These boots are also for normal feet too but what I love about them is the trailing snowflake particles and the optional crunchy snow sounds! I wanted to make some boots that matched my new jacket and vests but would also add a winter touch to everything. And Finally...

Jail Bird Tanks

These come in 7 colors and I also made matching stitched leggings to give you girlies the complete Snow bunny look! Lol, jail bird because of the stripes and the birdie decal, I thought literal would be cute.

Okies so there you have it, I'm exhausted! between cooking Thanksgiving yesterday and tweaking all the ads in PhotoShop between doing things my Carpal Tunnel is flaring up so I need to give it a day of rest beofre I get into anything else just yet. SO it will give me some time to decorate for Christmas and put up our tree irl. Lol kinda funny I decorated in my second life first...

Bye for now!


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter Wickedness is a comin'!


Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it's hard to believe the year is almost over! I have lots of things to be thankful for and one is my little pocket of sunshine I have here on SL. Yeah that's right, creating stuffs that people love! Before I explain the picture above, I just wanted to update a few things, 1st I finally got into the CCA (Content Creators Association) which I'm very happy about. You need a sponsor in order to join and it's a really serious group with info and support on SL content theft. So yay! I'm happy! And 2nd and lastly on my updates is my last post... I decided that my SL except for a few select friends is my creative outlet and a job. What does that mean? Well I make enough that I can pay my sim tiers and pay bills and buy groceries, and obviously if you looked at this past year of all the work I've done it's serious for me. I take pride in my work and work really hard with Ara to come up with neat things that look wonderful, are well and uniquely scripted, and just plain fun! So as I said except for a few select friends that I occasionally chat and hang out with, SL is a job. So I decided to cut down a lot of the groups I belong to, only being in my business and update groups, friends' business and update groups, content creators support groups, and merchant vendor groups. And a few select fantasy groups I will remain in. Soooo... Getting to the point I dropped that group I mentioned I my last post. I wish them all luck, but I need to be in a mass merchant update group that takes professionalism seriously... That are willing to follow the rules of said group, plus maintain an unspoken industry standard that comes directly from real life. Some that I have noticed have no idea what that is because they have no real life formal training. You know, that knows about color, design, typography, advertising, marketing and such. So yeah I notice in that group there are a lot of hobbyists if you will, rather than real life artists who understands these elements and have no problem translating it to Second Life. So yeah I dropped them like a bad habit hehe.

Okies, not to the picture! This Friday is Black Friday, which i'm planning on a big Epic release, so I decided to take up all the fall and pumpkin crap so I wouldn't have to do it on Friday. I pretty much made the snow textures in both sims and decorated and made it look all wintry wicked with stuff you can buy from Fae Faire. So this is a picture of Epic. It's so pretty, and when you tp in, there's falling snow and snow banks... The picture really is too small to do it justice, but if you go to the sims you'll see. Oh and I took this in Emerald of course! Oh and that reminds me for those of you that have no idea what the Emerald client is, I will put it on my links page. Anyway it's now winter in the sims, I have a special release coming out this Black Friday, and this weekend I'll start on Christmas stuffs! Oh and I have some many cute Christmas outfits swirling in my head! Ok, that's it for now, it's late, or early, and don't really care. Gab again soon!

Oh and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ok, I'm really annoyed...


Ok, as I said, I'm annoyed. Reading my blog, seeing my creations, chatting with me, you should get the impression of who I am. Anyway alright... I've been here in SL almost 4 years now, a few months after that I started Fae Fae Home & Garden with my biz partner and wonderful friend Ravyn, and 2 years later Epic Fantasy Wings & Clothing. Both really successful and expanding as time goes by, which I'm so happy and grateful for! Ok, if you ask about my rl experience with art and design, you'd know I'm a real life artist, I love all kinds of mediums, I've pretty much done everything from drawing and digital illustration, to photography, sculpture and painting... Basically whatever material I can get my hands on to create something I grab lol. I have 2 degrees in Computer Graphics and Graphic Design. In school I've taken all kinds of art and design classes but also advertising and marketing. So basically I know how to make neat stuff but then I was also taught how to package that neat stuff and get it out to the masses. To be honest my computer will always be my greatest medium because I can take everything traditional like my photography and drawings and then bring it on here to make something totally awesome and new. Anyway, I belong to several design collective update groups. For the most part they all pretty much have the same cookie cutter rules. Only one notice per a week, they have to be related to the kind of things that group strives for in their notices and yadda yadda yadda. Well one group which I won't mention the name, really annoyed me, well some of the people anyway. First let me say the creator of this group is a wonderful and nice person and this rant has nothing to do with her and her managers trying to run said group. However, I have a BIG freakin' gripe to pick with some of the idiots as "designers" there.

Ok. What happened was the group got into a discussion in group chat about how people were not following the rules when putting notices out. So there was me, totally agreeing with the rules being talked about, but then I noticed there wasn't a rule in this group that every other group I belong to has. So I was like I would like to suggest another rule. PICTURES. I mean SL is a visual game. We are attracted to and captivated by what we see in a wonderful world made of pixels. So my suggestion was that designers need to add pictures to note cards. It's not a ridiculous idea. People want to see things before they buy. They don't want to read descriptions of the stuff people make THAT'S VISUAL. You wouldn't buy something on xstreet without a picture would you? Or be tempted to go to the store in-world for a closer look? IDIOTS. I think people who just describe what they make knows deep down their items aren't up to par. Like maybe using colorful and dreamy words to describe their items will get some poor fool to go to their store. To me, that comes across as ignorant, and amatureish, and childish. Plain and simple. Especially in a group where daily new people are joining, you really have to think of every notice you put out as a way as introducing yourself to new people. "Hi, I'm a designer and I have new stuff, here's a note card with some pictures of my new stuff that is out at my store. Take a look." But the suggestion was only to help the other stores out there. Some took it just fine, but others got all defensive. It was only a suggestion, it doesn't matter what you do, nor do I care, I really was only trying to help. I make profit here and pay bills with my stores... So I was just putting something out there to help other businesses get more traffic and interest in their products. To be honest the way I feel now with some of the defensive "designers" and their borderline snide comments, I got in the chat, I just want to say fuck off. GO ahead and keep failing. Because I'm a shopper and a content creator here. And it's so small minded to be all up in your head and think because you love something you have created, it means others will love it too. So you can spend your entire notice describing how wonderful your items are, but if you don't have a picture to back it up? That's just plain stupid, and very bad business. I guess marketing in SL really separates the men from the boys. Bottom line? LL is trying to weed out the average and crappy content creators in Second Life in the years to come. Showing you products will give you an advantage to the pollution out there who just talks about what they make rather than showing it. Lol you'll just get weeded out... So why not do everything you can to stay ahead of the curve? This is all I'm going to say on the subject. I'm not hurting for business so I don't think I will ever suggest anything anymore that will help other people unless they are my friends. Let them just go out there and walk around blind.

So lame,

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things to be thankful for...


So yesterday was a big release for Epic & Fae Faire! More Fae Fai
re though... The holidays are coming and the seasons are changing so there was so much stuff I had to make! I'm going to gab about the highlights, my 2 favorite items this week actually... hehe So this is my Pilgrim inspired dollie dress I had in my head since last month. I absolutely love it and I hope you do too! I didn't really think Pilgrim clothes has been really done here in SL, so I thought it would be cute to do something fun, silly and definitely sexy. I'm telling you, I'm really getting the hang of making clothes now and I really love it! Yeah so the best part of my Pennie Pilgrim dress is that it comes with homemade pumpkin pie! You wear it and your friends can click on it for some yummy Thanksgiving goodness! Oh and this is the 1st dollie dress of mine that you can wear without the skirt! I made an optional bow you can just wear and that goes on your back. Oh how I love this dress! Oh and here's a picture of how it looks all Faun style if you don't want to wear shoes.

My goal is to make all kinds of fun seasonal and holiday items that are unique, special and gives you a happy feeling every time you put it on! So as said in the beginning this weeks release was a little bigger on the Fae Faire end which was long overdue! So yes. It's been a while, and it was definitely time for a new prefab!

This is by far our roomiest and my favorite prefab I've made so far! Lol but I say that about every prefab I make. :D The idea behind this was to take elements from Sacred 2, a Xbox 360 game me and Ara plays in our spare time, (Oh did I tell you I'm playing WoW again? Yeah I switched factions back to Alliance.) but it just ran far away from that and I love it! I wanted to capture a cute Elfin feel but be a little darker than
the stuff we usually make at Fae Faire. It's really roomy, and had 3 stories with a finished attic! Oh and a balcony which is a 1st for me, Ravyn has a few prefabs with them... Ok so I love it, it makes me happy looking at it and I hope people will love living in it, and this may sound cheesy, but build memories in this home! And the icicle elements are something I'm planning to include with future prefabs! Ok that's it for now... I'm gonna say this early, even though I know i will say it again later, I'm just in a festive mood! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, and the holidays are coming so I hope that's filled with joy too! The kinda joy I get from making stuff, it really is an awesomely wonderful feeling!

Okies until next time!

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Faun Things, Stepping Up & New Releases...


So Step Up is over and I went upload crazy at 12am slt to get everything ready
for Friday's release. With the sims being closed on Thursday it was actually easier and a lot quieter getting things done, didn't have customers asking me questions and such lol! So two days of work finally paid off! I've been in the mood to make Faun stuffs and here's just 1 from my new Faun Boot set that comes in 8 different styles and 2 unisex styles. The socks are color changing too! I've been wearing them like crazy, I really really love them! Oh and the horns are included. =) Here's one of the unisex promo pics I did with Ara, I couldn't forget my Faun Fellas! Oh and I realized fusion isn't spelled right, but I kinda like it with a "H"!

So all this Faun stuff has been inspired by my friend Andel who was wearing Faun things last week and I thought Ooooo I should make some Epic style cute stuffs! I'm really happy how everything turned out! She also gave me the idea to actually start taking pictures around SL with me wearing my stuff. So I decided to redo the Epic classified pic (check my profile in-world)
and here's my fave! This one was taken at Chakryn Forest (you can find it in search) which also has stuff from Fae Faire there. The forest is beautiful and definitely impressive for an OS sim. lots of tricking with the eye which I really love and starting to play with myself. Anyway here it is and it's also one of the photos in my new ad. =)

Yep so there you have it, me in my Pim Whimsy Outfit, I just LOVE the lighting! Man oh man I love the Emerald Client! So that's pretty much it, I really have to get this prefab out of my head! Oh and don't forget to pick up Fae Faire's Thanksgiving dollarbies! they look just like the Sweet Potato Pie my mom use to make and loved! Okies I'm out!


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Thursday, November 05, 2009

I'm Stepping Up!

That's right! Today is Step Up For Content Creators Day in SL! If you can, no uploads or purchases today to show Linden Labs that we control Second Life's economy and they should step it up with support of the content creators here! Everyone should get involved no matter what they do in SL, as a whole we shape this community and as a whole we should help each other protect our rights AND intellectual property! For more info please visit the official website:

Step Up SL!

Oh and that means Vanima Shee and Nore will be closed for the day! No worries though, we'll be back with new stuffs and dollarbies at Epic and Fae Faire on Friday!

Step Up SL!


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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Some Poshie Stuffs & Down Time and a stupid loser EX...


Well Halloween is finally over, I'm really glad about that I was really getting tired of it all. This year I was smart and limited the Halloween decoration crap to 2 spots, one on each sim, so clean up was real easy this year. Woot! Ok, so I made a bunch of Poshie stuffs (been feeling poshie last week) I released the day before Halloween, bags, dresses, shoes, bracelets and scarves... It was a big release and man I'm still tired, I've been working hard lately! Too hard so I'm taking it easy this week! Even though I have a prefab in my head and new fantasy av stuff for Epic swirling around, I'll start it later this week so stay tuned! Blah too many exclamation points lol. I'm hoping I can release Fae Faire and Epic stuffs next weekend. I'm slowing this week too because on the 5th is suppose to be a gride wide protest of SL content creators. We're encouraging customers to not buy anything (we're closing our shops) or upload anything for the day to show LL that we have control over Second Life's economy. LL should be taking better measures against the theft of our hard work. Clients like Cryolife have people stealing our clothes, hair, homes, almost everything. Anyway I hope Linden Labs listens because we LOVE creating here, we make SL go, not to mention cute and fun! Let's see how it goes...

Ok store stuff. I continued to rework the outside of Epic, I've been so inspired by the Albero mall sim and figured Vanima Shee needed more cuteness! So my friend Andel now has a shop on the little island, she makes adorable poses by the way! I have one more spot I'm reserving for a special someone who makes awesome skins and wants to move into a fantasy line. Something I think will be a perfect fit for what I do at Epic. So that's enough about that.

Ok lastly A-hole. Last week my ex had the nerve to come to my sim... Apparently he's back in SL and the freakin' loser had the nerve to come to my sims and check up on me? This is all you'll be hearing of this but this is all I want to say. You freakin' tried to destroy my 1st life don't think you can come here with your pathetic self and try a go at my 2nd. It's funny too because if you look at his profile he looks like a noob and talks like a noob even if his rez date is in 2006. Oh and did I tell you he fancies himself an artist? It's a joke because you wouldn't be able to even tell that by looking at his profile. He is one of those people who treats SL as a game.. You know that thinks the people on the other end are NPCs and not real people. Like SL is some magical mask for you to walk around like the asshole you really are. I say this because I know he doesn't take any other people here seriously, he thinks it's a joke, it's why his profile is so vapid and absent. It actually lends to the person of that profile doesn't it? Lol puts in his 1st life tab: "what is this 1st life you speak of?" What a FUCKING loser! Take your cult, kool-aid drinking, yu-gi-oh playing ways and stay the fuck away from me in here or I'll destroy you.

Ok I'm done now. I'm not gonna always be sugary sweet. I make happy stuff because for the most part I am happy, but when I see wastes of space like that flying around my sims I HAVE to say something. Besides, this isn't a game to me. We are NOT NPCs. This is my creative outlet, a place we're I can have fun and be silly with some cool people I've met... I may be fantasy in SL but I bring myself, I wish others could. I'm not saying wear your heart on your sleeve here, but from my experience with people online, people like that who overtly looks like they are going to great lengths to keep SL separate from their RL is ALWAYS up to something shady. Plain and simple, our 1st lives shapes who we are in SL whether we want to beleive it or not. Blah excuse the run on sentences all my thoughts are jumbled on this. But I do feel better! Okies by for now!



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