Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween & Whimsy!


Silly me I forgot to blog about this! I've been planning my Halloween outfit for a month now but this you see here is not even close to what I initially had in mind. I think this is way better actually! See, I first wanted to make a plain old witchy costume but then decided it should have a little fantasy twist since that's usually the base of everything I do. So I thought "since everyone has been loving my Pim Whimsy outfits, why not twist that up into some Halloween cuteness!?" So that's where we are now and I love it! There's not many Halloween Faery outfits out in SL so I figured why not do something a little different? Anyway, it has the usual Pim Whimsy fair but with spooky spiders and webs and Halloween creepy colors of course! But the BEST part of this is the broom! It's a highly detailed scripted Broom with animation on attach, it has falling & trailing pixie dust, a glowy spidey lantern, a cute license plate that says "2 witchy 4 u", a scripted jack o’ lantern and, candy corn cob webs you and your friends can click on for a yummy sweet treat! I love it because anyone can wear it and be totally cute! And that's what it's all about isn't it? =) So that's out now and being modeled at the store along with Halloween decor stuffs and Autumn Stuffs! I decorated both of the sims for the season and even made a cute Fall ground texture so the sim terrain! Anyway I'm happy with it and I think the sims are happy with everything too! Okies, gotta run!

~ Jade

Posted by Jade at 6:59 PM

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