Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For My Fae Fellas, Halloween HOTness & the new face of Epic!


So I told you! I've been working on something special for my guys out there! I initally put this together for a Fantasy Fashion Show Epic will be in on Sunday, I wanted to put stuff in there that is cute and unique, plus get Ara to walk the runway for me lol! Mind you I had to jump into Ara's body to do it but here it is! I think I'll be doing some recolors this week too, I held off because I wanted to see how it would sell, and they guys seem to be really liking it! Anyway, I decided I will do some more male Fae outfits since that seems to be the thing hardly anyone wants to touch here in SL, and if they do it's usually not really high quality. :( I can tell you easy where to find awesome male Elven Outfits, so there's no real point for me to even go that route. :p So yes every once in a while I will hop into Aranel's body and make guys stuff! Oh and I made some cute halloween stuffs too! Matching Halloween tees!

Here's a pic of the Halloween Jack Tee:

Sheer to show off tattoos! Doesn't Ara look so Emo cute? lol When he was doing the shoot with me yesterday I kept telling him how he's not that great of a model (even though his av is really hot!) because he doesn't have any facial expressions, unlike me who has a ton! :D And finally last night I redid the outside of Epic! I've been inspired by lots of cute Japanese sims I said to myself "Evitaa (my name in real life) you can do better..." So I did! So here it is, the new and improved face of Epic! I redid the outer walls and all of the entrances.

I love the new look! Now it matches the cuteness that's on the inside too! Oh and I just joined Fashion Consolidated and now have a kiosk at the store, hopefully I will get posting privileges soon so I can spread the cuteness of Epic through out SL! Well that's it for now!


Posted by Jade at 8:38 AM

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