Monday, October 19, 2009

An Epic Urban Elf Explosion!


Yep that's right! I've been making tons of urban cute stuffs! Clothes, boots, tattoos, accessories, all kinds of adorable things, so this past week was a really big release. I've also been spoiling my Subscribe-o-matic subscribers lol, there's now over 500 members! Y'all made me have to upgrade to a pay account! Anyway so I finally discovered the Green Life Emerald viewer and I LOVE IT! I get to have my star particle beam when I select objects, it even changes color! But I think the best part is the boucing boobies at least that's what Aranel loves about the new client. :p Me I love that too but I really like all the lighting presets, it's making me take wonderful pictures with the lighting I always wanted so that mean less work in Photo Shop on images which I'm sooo happy about! It was touch and go for a bit at first because Ara had to troubleshoot why the client was freezing up. I was getting a spike in my fps every few seconds, which became annoying real fast. It shouldn't have been spiking and freezing up like that because we have high-end computers. So it turns out, that the client didn't like me so much because when Ara logged into his account on my comp he was fine, so we figured it's something in my cache because of my hellish inventory lol! Anyway he finally got it to run smoothly so it really is making my SL happier! Okies that's it for now... I'm working on a new male fae outfit at the moment and I have Fae Faire stuffs collecting dust in the workbox because lately I have been making so much stuff for Epic, so my Second Life as always is very busy so stay tuned!


Posted by Jade at 5:44 AM

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