Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meanies & Liars.

Hi. *sighs*

Ok this meanie you see above is one of the things I've been working on this week. See I was trying to improve the quality of my pumpkins for Fae Faire (which I did by the way), I just thought they could be better. Anyway, after I finished and replaced all of them on both sims, I started to mess with the new pumpkins and came up with this adorably cute meanie! So it got me thinking... See, Halloween will be here before you know it, so there's no sense in me trying to sell this cute little bugger. So I decided to make it an Epic Subscribe-o-matic gift. An EXCLUSIVE gift. Not sold at the store, EVER. I then decided that every month randomly I will make a wonderfully cute item that only those subscribers AT THAT TIME will be able to get. You know, make it really special, so my customers can be happy and feel like they are part of a special group. I want people like my sign-up sign says to have fun, get gifts, and updates of course, but I don't want it to just be about new releases. :p So that explains the meanie so now let's talk about the liar.

So I'm working at my house on some new accessories, just tinkering about, while doing so, my subscribe-o-matic sends me messages about who joins. I have it set up to tell when who joins and leaves my group, if I'm online it sends me an e-mail. Oh and I have a gift sold out sign near the store entrance too. So people know what they are getting in just signing up. Anyway so, let's call this person: "Super Really Not Cool Mean Person".. As I was saying... I'm working on stuff and my subscribe-o-matic controller messages me saying: "Super Really Not Cool Mean Person" has just subscribed to my Epic Subscribe-o-matic. A minute later "Super Really Not Cool Mean Person" IMs me saying oh I accidentally declined your gift earlier today, so I didn't get it, can you send it to me again? I think it was called meanie something. For a minute there it caught me off guard I actually thought they declined it but then I looked at the name and it looked so familiar. Yeah. Of course it did, I just literally saw the name a minute ago join my group. LIAR. I hate liars, especially online. (But that's a story for another day lol.), I was very calm, but I was so seething inside! I told them sorry it's sold out and you just joined the group and it was for members at that time. They couldn't really say anything, they just said thanks anyways. But I'm still angry and this was like 2 hours ago. Well all I can say is when I make an exclusive gift I mean EXCLUSIVE. I'm sorry you didn't find my store in time to join my group. And I'm happy you found it now, but I meant what I said, if it's exclusive, it's not fair to short change my members already. On a side note, do you know people actually go around to subscribe-o-matic groups to join up in hope of getting free crap? What I mean is, it's the default setting on the account website to have your members be able to pull stuff from the archive. Well I have that shit turned off, PLUS I took the gift out of the controller once it was sent to all my users. How is it fair they get all the old gifts from the archive? I make my stuff special and I will treat it as such like my members in my group. :p Don't worry though, that will not be the last of the cute gifts I make for my members. So if you missed it, it's not the end of the world! Rest assured there will always be another special gift coming your way. I promise! Each will be special and heart felt in it's own right. So please don't lie, just sign up and be patient! Ok I feel a bit better, I've been ranting to Ara and even called my best friend, to be honest that situation made me log for the night, I need a break. lol I'll be back tomorrow though. Ok before I go one more thing... I may be sweet and cute, to some even online that comes across as a push over, but I'm not stupid. I've been running my SL businesses since 2006. I'm an artist and a business woman. So this whole rant stems from the fact that when I get things like that, it means people forget that, and that makes me angry. Very angry. I love creating content for SL, it's my passion. But after it's done and it's time to put it out there, I have to put on the business woman hat. If I didn't, I wouldn't be where I am today. That's all. And my friends may joke how we (Ravyn and I) have become commercial, but what we do isn't free. Every texture, every sound, every animation costs us as the designers money. And most people only see the end result and don't really think about how much time, love and yes, lindens goes into creating something nice and special for SL. It gets me down sometimes how people only troll for the freebies. =/ Ok that's really it I'm done now lol. :p

I'm out. :p

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For My Fae Fellas, Halloween HOTness & the new face of Epic!


So I told you! I've been working on something special for my guys out there! I initally put this together for a Fantasy Fashion Show Epic will be in on Sunday, I wanted to put stuff in there that is cute and unique, plus get Ara to walk the runway for me lol! Mind you I had to jump into Ara's body to do it but here it is! I think I'll be doing some recolors this week too, I held off because I wanted to see how it would sell, and they guys seem to be really liking it! Anyway, I decided I will do some more male Fae outfits since that seems to be the thing hardly anyone wants to touch here in SL, and if they do it's usually not really high quality. :( I can tell you easy where to find awesome male Elven Outfits, so there's no real point for me to even go that route. :p So yes every once in a while I will hop into Aranel's body and make guys stuff! Oh and I made some cute halloween stuffs too! Matching Halloween tees!

Here's a pic of the Halloween Jack Tee:

Sheer to show off tattoos! Doesn't Ara look so Emo cute? lol When he was doing the shoot with me yesterday I kept telling him how he's not that great of a model (even though his av is really hot!) because he doesn't have any facial expressions, unlike me who has a ton! :D And finally last night I redid the outside of Epic! I've been inspired by lots of cute Japanese sims I said to myself "Evitaa (my name in real life) you can do better..." So I did! So here it is, the new and improved face of Epic! I redid the outer walls and all of the entrances.

I love the new look! Now it matches the cuteness that's on the inside too! Oh and I just joined Fashion Consolidated and now have a kiosk at the store, hopefully I will get posting privileges soon so I can spread the cuteness of Epic through out SL! Well that's it for now!


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Monday, October 19, 2009

An Epic Urban Elf Explosion!


Yep that's right! I've been making tons of urban cute stuffs! Clothes, boots, tattoos, accessories, all kinds of adorable things, so this past week was a really big release. I've also been spoiling my Subscribe-o-matic subscribers lol, there's now over 500 members! Y'all made me have to upgrade to a pay account! Anyway so I finally discovered the Green Life Emerald viewer and I LOVE IT! I get to have my star particle beam when I select objects, it even changes color! But I think the best part is the boucing boobies at least that's what Aranel loves about the new client. :p Me I love that too but I really like all the lighting presets, it's making me take wonderful pictures with the lighting I always wanted so that mean less work in Photo Shop on images which I'm sooo happy about! It was touch and go for a bit at first because Ara had to troubleshoot why the client was freezing up. I was getting a spike in my fps every few seconds, which became annoying real fast. It shouldn't have been spiking and freezing up like that because we have high-end computers. So it turns out, that the client didn't like me so much because when Ara logged into his account on my comp he was fine, so we figured it's something in my cache because of my hellish inventory lol! Anyway he finally got it to run smoothly so it really is making my SL happier! Okies that's it for now... I'm working on a new male fae outfit at the moment and I have Fae Faire stuffs collecting dust in the workbox because lately I have been making so much stuff for Epic, so my Second Life as always is very busy so stay tuned!


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Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween & Whimsy!


Silly me I forgot to blog about this! I've been planning my Halloween outfit for a month now but this you see here is not even close to what I initially had in mind. I think this is way better actually! See, I first wanted to make a plain old witchy costume but then decided it should have a little fantasy twist since that's usually the base of everything I do. So I thought "since everyone has been loving my Pim Whimsy outfits, why not twist that up into some Halloween cuteness!?" So that's where we are now and I love it! There's not many Halloween Faery outfits out in SL so I figured why not do something a little different? Anyway, it has the usual Pim Whimsy fair but with spooky spiders and webs and Halloween creepy colors of course! But the BEST part of this is the broom! It's a highly detailed scripted Broom with animation on attach, it has falling & trailing pixie dust, a glowy spidey lantern, a cute license plate that says "2 witchy 4 u", a scripted jack o’ lantern and, candy corn cob webs you and your friends can click on for a yummy sweet treat! I love it because anyone can wear it and be totally cute! And that's what it's all about isn't it? =) So that's out now and being modeled at the store along with Halloween decor stuffs and Autumn Stuffs! I decorated both of the sims for the season and even made a cute Fall ground texture so the sim terrain! Anyway I'm happy with it and I think the sims are happy with everything too! Okies, gotta run!

~ Jade

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