Sunday, September 20, 2009

We're making it work!

That's right! Hihi! We're making it work on both sides. I've been making new stuffs fo Epic & Fae Faire while redoing old stuff I know I can make better. Above is my latest Epic outfit, I feel it's more cutesy Elfin fantasy with a twist, it's definitely unique! I've also been making new accessories, redoing old bikinis that are now at the store, AND HAWT tied tees that are sheer and ultra sexy. With the new tees and the Dolly Patchwork outfit above, I'm really starting to play with alpha layers and shading more, I think I'm refining my aesthetic, with 10 years of Photo Shop under my belt I'm happy I'm starting to finally get it right. =) So thank you guys for all your support! Ever since we devoted Vanima Shee to
Epic the store has been really taking off. Anyway, I'm still doing customs, I decided not to get back into WoW, it's just not fun for me anymore. As dramaful as SL can be, me creating here will always be my haven, and it just plain makes me freakin' happy. So I'll keep up what I've been doing, which is creating, being weird and making the customers happy. Second Life is goooood!


Posted by Jade at 10:18 PM

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