Monday, September 21, 2009

A Nuuu Look!

Ok, so it's been a few years now, the sims have changed, my avatar has changed, what I do in SL has changed somewhat too. So with all these changes, you'd think it's about time I changed my blog up, well here it is! It's getting late here, and I spent the day doing over lots of old Epic clothes and making new ones. Since I've gotten better at it, I want to keep raising my standard of quality. Everyone deserves well made clothes at reasonable prices! So now that the day is winding down, I figured I should change my blog images since they are soooooo old and I don't even look like that anymore. So now it won't be the many musings of some stranger! Woot! So I hope you like it, I decided to go with my current profile pic as the background since it's one of my favorite profile pics I've made of myself. Added my collage and some Photo Shop magic and viola! Here you have it!

Ok, notes on my slowness... In this pic I'm wearing awesome hair from the store. It's a wonderful main stream shop with shoes, clothes and of course hair! Anyway I was taking a break from making stuffs and was looking around over there, now this is where I feel stoopid, (not stupid) it finally occurred to me that Epic needs shoe demos. Man I'm slow! I say that because I never buy shoes without trying on a demo but it never occurred to me to make demos for all the shoes I have at Epic. This is just another element that I missed from transitioning as only a builder running Fae Faire to also making clothes for Epic. LOL I hope I catch on quicker the next time around! Well every day is a new learning experience, in real life and even SL!


Posted by Jade at 10:09 PM

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