Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's Back to School @ Epic!


Here's my ever so cute latest @ Epic. I'm in school mode lol. Aranel has me watching Bleach episodes lately, which has been reminding me of To Heart, and Sailor Moon, so I felt like making some Anime inspired school uniform outfits. Doing research I think this is the closest to what High School Japanese girls wear, just made sexy and cute. =) I also have cute patchwork purses that were inspired by a Japanese lunch bag pic I found, it was sooo cute! I think I'm done with my back to school stuffs now, Epic and Fae Faire both has new items that I'm happy with, I hope you like them too!

As for other things? I saw a customer at Epic today and noticed they were wearing stolen hair from Cake. And looking into it more I think there's a bigger operation... More than me just having to let a designer know that their stuff has been copied. I think it's many designers, it's very upsetting... As for thief's? I decided other than creating in SL, it's going to be my MISSION to destroy all thieves here, from letting the designers know what's up, to exposing those who continually steal from Ravyn and I's designs. I love to create here so much that I'm not giving it up, and I'm gonna fight for it. And fight for others who love to create here as well.

Okies, lastly I'm back into WoW, it's nice the old guild is getting back together again. So I've been dabbling there again in my spare time from SL. So that's it for now. Toodles! =)


Posted by Jade at 11:21 PM

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