Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Falling Leaves, Falling Asleep and Whimsy...

Hihi, So here's my latest! This outfit took me about a week... Well sorta... I started it a week ago, BUT it took me a day to finish it once it started to click in my head. So here it is Pim Whimsy, and I think it's one of my best Fae outfits yet. A whole lotta love and time went into these outfits with a dose of cuteness of course! Well the month is ending and I have soooooo many ideas for clothes, some mod, some fantasy, so I'm excited! Anyway one of my favorite holidays is coming up this or shall I say next month. Yeah, good old' Hallow's Eve ~hee~hee~ so I have lots to do with Fae Faire and Epic, I just love this time of year because for me it kicks off the holiday season! So in my spare time, well more like when I get a little burned out on SL, I've been playing the new game Aion, a healer of course, lol! I'm done with WoW indefinitely, I might, and that's a big might, come back in 2010 when the new expansion is released but I highly doubt it. Anyway I'm really diggin' it so far and it really is a beautiful game! A wonderful source of inspiration too! It's nice to see something that is fresh and from a different point of view, you know how I like to change it up! So I'm looking forward to where my inspiration and creativity takes me in my building because of it. Meh I hope I don't sound too blah, I am a bit tired. Anyway, I'm gonna close this up now because I'm yawning way to much, time for beddy-by! Nini!


Posted by Jade at 4:29 AM

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