Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We can all have some "Tink" in our Second Lives!

So I've been working really hard at making clothes @ Epic and here's my latest. Previously I've been focusing more on the Urban Elf side of things since the store expanded and has it's own sim now. So I think I've finally been applying all those years of art school towards making better clothes here. It's like something has finally clicked in my head. Like a light switch has turned on and I'm starting to get it! So I think I've just eased into a making fantasy clothes cuteness mode. :) Anyway this outfit was inspired by the animated film and yes I own it on DVD, it has given me some nice inspiration for building stuff for Fae Faire in the past, but I think it's time I started translating my inspiration into the clothes side of things. So look for more clothes soon, I'm already working on some more cute stuffs! It's been way too long between the last fantasy outfits I've made and I get the impression you guys appreciate my fantasy clothes & wings a little more than the Urban Elf/Neko stuffs. So stay cute & have fun!


Posted by Jade at 2:22 AM

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