Saturday, August 29, 2009

Elfin cuteness? Yeah I got that!

So that was yesterday's release and it went off smashingly! I told you I was working on some special stuffs, I'm really loving making clothes, it's a lot of fun and I'm getting to apply all my PS and Illustrator skills, been working with both for almost 10 years now. Anyway it seems like people are really getting into Epic and what we're trying to do to bring our fantasy style and view on SL, so I thank you all for the support and the positive feedback! And of course there's more to come I have so many kinds of different things I'm working on for Epic and Fae Faire.

Ok now time for my rant to a certain specific person, not to any of you reading this. There's still thieves out there in SL. You can put on an act and be in the Content Creator's Assoc. and have the IP rights campaign posters up all over your store but you're still a thief. And you know you are it's why you haven't come up with new stuff in ages... Because Ravyn's and my inspiration has taken on a new fresh YOUNG fantastical approach. Look old lady, I know who you really are, I know your alts, what you're really into in SL how you pretend to be in love with my old friend but you're really collared and have pets yourself. Sweetie I'm freakin' real, you go to my 1st life you see my face, my age is there, I'm partnered to my REAL LIFE boyfriend and what are you? Some old lady with 10 million alts, who puts on airs and acts all self-righteous when really all you are is a 2 bit hack, who is so self-centered that you actually have to link your sick alts some way back to your main, and your crappy business (for the all mighty Linden dollar? well we all gotta pay for our kinks somehow, is that right? is your business for your partner or one of your pets? or your mistress? I've seen where you really live lol), well I don't even think she's your main. I think Celeste is more who you really are a nasty, skanky, thief. Bottom line I'm real, a customer asks to get on voice, I do because I AM who I say I am. Oh people are like oh she's so giving, so sweet, did you know your guy passed me that note when you dumped him for another guy on SL 2 years ago? I have it in my inventory... So all those nice things you have in your profile? All lies because according to what you said in that note "your heart belongs to another... and you want to remain great friends..." Well I know how many "friends" you have in SL and as I've said to people before, if SL had STDs you'd be dead. It's amazing how big the germ pool is really out there. it's very easy to be giving and sweet in type, anyone can weave stories and has so many time in my SL experience but unlinke you if I had the chance i would say it to your face, or on voice, I'd love to see how you would try to steal from me with my 5'11" self in real life.

Ok I'm stopping, I'm sorry this is so angry to all you sweet and kind innocents but every time I find out that this person has stolen our ideas and concepts from Fae Faire (AGAIN) I SEE RED. If it's not from us it's other designers I know. I mean seriously when you get all these people filing DMCAs on your ass don't you think it's time to pack it in? But then again LL will never tell us what happens after we file, so thieves and bottom feeders like you can be around for years and no one would be the wiser... meh sorry for the grammar and run on sentences but I'm angry but I'm going to keep on trucking, because life is good, and so is second life. You tried to hurt us but all it did was blow up in your face, lol you thought you could sneak around steal our build ideas and pass them off like you came up with them? LOL you suck. So does your building... So does the person you portray, so does your alts.. oh and Celeste needs to fix her classified that place doesn't exist anymore.. probably because it's a front... Oh snap busted!

Ok I'm out. =)

Posted by Jade at 4:34 AM

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