Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're back in a tiny kind of way!

So Epic's new home has fit into Vanima Shee wonderfully! I think you guys really like the changes to the store, and we really appreciate the positive feedback we've been getting lately! Between customs and new stuffs for Epic & Fae Faire we've now been working on upgrading Vanima Nore with new teleport systems and soon a new look! It's been a year since the last store remodel (wow how time flies) so it's definitely time for Fae Faire to get the new look Epic got! Anyway, above is a pic of my new tiny self. I use to be a tiny hippo but alas I've found Loco Pocos, (and I abosolutely love Katatonik's lolita dresses, so happy she went tiny too!) and fell in love with ALL their tiny avatars. My fave is Uni the unicorn, it's sooooo cute anf I'm wearing one of Kat's dresses, I love it!

So, Rav and I have had Fae Faire's Tiny Town line for about a year now... (OMG, we've been here since '06!) And we have so many new stuff coming out for that line that we finally got ourselves a stall at Raglan Shire. We've been a part of the main group since last summer but we really want to support this awesome community more as artisans too! So you can find an Epic and Fae Faire stall at the shops in Raglan Shire, I made it super cute and we're very excited to be doing more over there! So that's the dilly-yo! LOL this is what's going on in my little, I mean TINY Second Life at the moment!



Posted by Jade at 9:55 PM

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