Friday, July 17, 2009

It's coming... Oh boy it's here!

That my friends is the new and improved Epic! Since Vanima Shee wasn't really being used and I donated a lot of the stuff I built on Shee to the Fae of Terabithia, I decided it was about time to give Epic the the store that it deserves. Lately I've been on a clothing kick... Mainly Harajuku, anime, manga type of stuffs but I'm loving it! The new store is a little kitschy with a modern and fantasy twist. I think it fits me and what I do, and will do at Epic. I'm really excited! Same fun but more professional in my opinion. The store is pretty much ready to go and I did it all in 2 days! What can i say i work fast and when I'm in the zone I'm like a zombie lol. There's still a few odds and ends that need to be done but the only thing holding me back is LL updating the Grid picture! It's really cute, 2 heart islands... Once it's updated, I will open it, BUT the grand opening will be later when I can work out the party detail. Gah I'm tired...


Posted by Jade at 2:38 PM

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