Sunday, July 05, 2009

An Epic Reform!

Epic now has a subscribe-o-matic and has expanded! Upgraded, BIGGER, re-designed and somewhat re-textured, Epic Clothing has a new look! Lots of my old stuffs are discounted around the store and look for deals in the freebies and cheapies section. I think I needed a change and my clothes, shoes, and accessories have gotten better. I'm trying to focus more on shading and detail to give you guys the high detail and design you guys deserve in the clothing that you buy. In this pic, me and Esthero is wearing 2 of my new Silly Frilly Lacy Dresses, I'm wearing "Jester" and Est is wearing "Dirty Dots." Stocking, shoes and gauntlets all done by me with resize scripts! And look for this pic around Fae Faire on Vanima Nore that way you can join Epic's new subscribe-o-matic update group!

<3 Jade

Posted by Jade at 10:55 PM

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