Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Chibi Chibi!!! Sooo cute stuffs!

Hey all! Today, well yesterday I spent the day retooling my chibi wing look and it's finally done! Right now I'm waiting for Ara to fix the scripts because they went buggy but they will be released soon. I caught it right before I was about to log out and already had them up in the store lol. I'm so excited because they are really cute and I finally got them to look they way I wanted. The come in 9 different colors and also comes with a HUD to change the particle colors. Oh and resize scripts and they are copyable of course! From now on I'm going to try to step up my clothing features.. Color changing... HUD's, pretty particles all the bells and whistles I can dream up to make your av's look totally cute!

On another note... The rumors are making it through the grapevine (check my post from a few days ago) and that two bit hack claims she got the clothing texture from the same resource... Well I highly doubt that. (She doesn't even do her own clothing textures, nor put together a lot of her prims for that matter.) See I've been using Photo Shop for almost 10 years now and looking at her ads and designs you can tell her "talent" is very limited. She stole that dress plain and simple, all she knows how to do is steal. She really is pathetic. I will keep talking about this and speaking my mind, and letting the people know that she's hurting, showing them for what she really is. I never met such a thieving person in my life. Not in art school... Not at work, and coming from my background I have met some very talented and artistic people since I'm an artist myself... And she just makes me sick. I mean how many DMCAs have to be on her ass before she gets the idea? Crazy Hag...

Ok that last paragraph was all my anger. That troll puts me in a blind rage that at times I can't even see straight. I'm usually a happy person, and I'm really trying to forgive and let go but I just can't do it just yet. I'm not ready to make nice... What she did AND doing is wrong and I despise it. I hope one day I can get to where Ravyn is and just not care anymore. See I don't care in a way because I've been creating, having fun, making cute things and that's what makes me happy, but every now and then there's a customer messaging me or a blog post saying how she has ripped off another person. And I really can't stand it... But I'm just going to keep on keeping on, it's all I can do.

<3 Jade

Posted by Jade at 2:06 AM

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