Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lemonade and heart troubles...

Wooo! It's been a while since I posted here! SL is borked again and Vanima Nore is down because of it, so while I waited for it to come back up again I figured it's about freakin' time I updated my blog! :) Where to begin... The past is in the past is it? I'm a fan of other artists in this game. I shop as much as I create myself here. But pathetic glorified resellers just can't keep well enough alone. This person claimed in her group a few months back that she was going in for a heart procedure. Groups had candle light ceremonies to send good wishes and thoughts to this person. Two days later this person who was "ill" (more like ill in the brain) got on an alt and tried to harass me. So much for having a heart cath huh? If you have the time an energy to pass negativity out that way you are a HORRIBLE person, and deep down I think you know it too because you wouldn't have been so dramaful in the 1st place. All I'm going to say on that subject? I know who you really are. You are as insincere as they come, and pathetic to boot! :p

WoW. Ah yes taking a long break again. Being in a top raiding guild is fun and all but the drama and hassles that it tends to bring, I see enough drama in my online life as it is lol. Everything from people lying and stealing from guild banks, to he said, she said crap. I've played WoW for almost 4 years and I must admit though guys on there remind me of the jr. girls you use to despise growing up. I say jr. because they can be sooo immature. So when I'm not on SL, what am I doing? Perfect World! it's an evil, evil game! it's like Second Life meets World of Warcraft is the best way to describe it. There's fashion you can die and wear, and the option to show fashion doesn't get in the way of your gear, something i can really appreciate. but what I like the most is the character customization! I can make a character closer to who I am in rl like sl, you could never do that with WoW.

Anyway enough about online gaming! I've been making lots of items that reminds me of childhood and it's been fun! As you can see my lemonade stand is hella cute and I remember the days when I had one as a kid and my mom was my best customer. :D Still lots of more fun summer items to come too since our annual "Summer of Love" sale is going on! Anways I'm out.


Posted by Jade at 2:00 PM

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