Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm here and I'm aware...

Many customers have been kind to report theft and copybot of our work, I'd like to thank them for that. Just wanted to say that the world will always have bottom-feeders and people willing to use any angle just to get a buck. Know what I say to that? Screw 'em they're not going to stop me. Anyways spring is almost here, in a few days actually and I'm really excited about that! Ravyn has been having computer trouble but we're still working hard, we decided that we're going to completely revamp Vanima Shee, lol you know how we like to change it up. So look to that in the coming weeks things will be changing. There has been a few fae asking about having events there, Shee is open to the public but I guess we want to make it more inviting for all of you. =) It's also Saint Patrick's Day, I'm not Irish but it doesn't mean I can't celebrate, and no matter who you are, you should too! Enjoy! (Wow I feel like this was such a random post!)


Posted by Jade at 3:39 PM

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