Saturday, March 28, 2009

Clothes, boots, and wings oh my!
*Epic*'s Official Grand Opening weekend!

Yep that's what I've been doing. Gunning out a new angle, some new inspiration if you will, while getting Twilight Vanquisher in World of Warcraft. Before I talk about SL, I just wanted to say that I love my Guild, they really are a great bunch of fun and talented people, and we are going to OWN when Ulduar comes out! Oh and we are just chock full of leet sauce of course, we really are an awesome family. :D BTW, I'm the #1 disc priest on my server and ranked #13 on my server in total WOOT! (Click to see meeeeeee!) So while taking 3 days to whipe in OS 3 Drakes this week, I started to make clothing. That's right! *Epic* (yes inspired by World of Warcraft) a fantasy clothing and wing store I started last summer is finally fully in biz-NES! See 3 years ago I just made regular fleshy clothes under the store name "Jaded" but that got boring real quick. Many people since then suggested I go back into it, but I haven't really been inspired to until now. So yes that's where we are at right now. There's new slippers, boots and dreamy sandals, with a little clover, flowers and pixie dust mixed in my dresses and outfits. Also Ravyn and I are in plans to redo Vanima Shee this summer, you know how we love to change it up! :p We get bored easily. lol So there you have it, new clothes a new angle so I will be covering everything y'all need for fantasy roleplay in SL. :D I'm really loving making all these new kinds of clothes, wings and shoes and the customer feedback has been awesome, so thank you all so much! In World of Warcraft I love wearing all my "epics" so I hope you all love wearing my clothes from *Epic* in SL!

Cheers! <3~ Jade

Posted by Jade at 6:32 AM

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