Sunday, February 01, 2009

I's be back!

Ok, I'm not excusing the rant I had in my last post. It was very well deserved. It's amazing the scum that SL is littered with. Useless trash just wandering sims looking for places to be disgusting and horrible. Sick people that really have to be bothered in real life. Anyway I'm here and starting to build up a frenzy... Bad things have been happening here, our store sim was copybotted as well, which I will be filing a DMCA report to Linden Labs this week. All these pigs just make me angry business-wise and personally. Anyway if you know me, that means I will NEVER give up, I will always be the last one standing. So that's all I have to say about that. Cupid's day is coming and I'll be ready... Just trying to think positively and good thoughts, I refuse to let all this bad crap get me down so all I can do is create... That's what matters to me most anyways... So to all of you robbers, go ahead and try I'm not going anywhere. And to all you hookers in heat? LOL you have no chance.


Posted by Jade at 9:38 PM

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