Monday, August 25, 2008

My list of things I'm not and don't do...

This list is for one person, you know who you are. My web counter has gone up drastically since you started your "crusade" so I know you read this...

1. I don't push my work or builds on people in SL, especially large groups. I love to create plain and simple. It's not about the all mighty Linden, which I think a few people have that problem, but then again are they even artists? No. Don't push your drums on me in a group that was intended to be a chill low key hangout group. Don't plaster those large group logos on builds to make them "special" so noobs buy them thinking they have doing a good thing. You should be ashamed. But then again how can you be? All you can see is that Linden dollar. PIG.

2. I don't have to have people fund my expansion. (Took long enough for it to connect did it? Ours was instant. And the next full one will be too. Mys... Oops never mind not the estate name anymore.) There was something funny that was said on a commercial for a Bravo Reality TV Series. What does she say? "I don't keep up with the Joneses... I AM the Joneses." Apparently we're setting the standard for others, did I say others? I mean one person. To all the wonderful customers... Thankies!!!! Vanima Shee was bought with funds from the store. Our success is because of you. You guys can recognize quality and authenticity, PLUS you see the humor in everything we create. We laugh and have fun when we create things, and I'm glad to know you do too when you use them. Vanima Shee is a thank you, a big hug and lots of lovies to you and for you.

3. I don't lie. Yeah I'm peeved, I'm not going to hide it, I'm not going to lie about it, nor be in denial. Not pretend to others so they think that I have moved on. It was suppose to stop, all of this and it hasn't it has gotten worse. You really are a sick woman. It's probably why you're on SL 20 hours out of the day. (And no I'm not a doctor, but I do know crazy when I see it, you lie to others and yourself.) Don't lie to us and say we are so last week. I bet you have a shrine of us, you just seem so interested, so obsessed. =D So thank you. I'm happy your affected, you should be. You don't want to end it? Fine. Bring it. Because I can go for years.. Oh wait I have.

4. Not a One Trick Pony. Oh yes you are... The thing I find sooo funny is that you strap a Lord of the Rings name to everything you make, that or "Fae". I'm so over LoTR. It has been drowned and bleached in Second Life so it is most unoriginal. I like LoTR, but there's only so many Rivendell this and Rivendell that you can make. But wait I don't... LOL You are so pathetic. I don't need LoTR to create anything... My stuff comes from my imagination, where it should. Yours comes from books and movies, can your mind even work that way? No. And don't get it twisted, it's great to be inspired by the media around you. I often am, but it crosses the line when you make a table and then strap "Rivendell" to it so buyers will assume it's Fantasy and Elven. Oh look an Elven Smiley, make that a Rivendell smiley... Wow you're such a loser.

Ok I said my peace. You heard it, it's here and I'm not going to hide it from you.

Love you lots,

Posted by Jade at 2:54 AM

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yes... We're dancing again.

Yeah we are and we LOVE it. It's just like old times. We were in a glowy mood and I think we need more glowy moods. I hope for more impromptu Fae dances in the future. ;)

Oh and a side note... You probably have seen signs around the store about stealing. I put those up for the bottom feeders of SL. Did you know I actually had someone buy a 50L crystal I made 2 years ago (YES 2 YEARS AGO) just to see how I made it? I went to their store an hour later and the place was filled with them. It's not hurting me any, those crystals really are so last year and the year before that as well... I just wanted to say this. It's what blogs are for and like real life, SL can't always be giggles and pixie dust. I may be all cute but I am always aware. You'd be surprised by the "nicest" people and what they are capable of. Mind you, I'm no angel but I will tell you how it is. It will never be an act. Wow this totally turned into something random. LOL Guess that's what the many musings are for!

Ya know ya love me, XOXO <---ha I always wanted to do that.

Posted by Jade at 4:48 AM

Saturday, August 16, 2008

*Ding-a-ling* Come and get it, it's ready!

That's right, it's ready for all in SL to enjoy! Ravyn and I have our homes here, there's secret places, a tavern, temple and most importantly a Fae dance circle. Which of course it's what we love. It's pretty much a place for wild fae... That was our intention, we wanted to move away from the bubblegum and move into more natural and wild textures. Anyways stop on by, and keep stopping on by because we'll be having many impromptu Fae dances and just silliness... lol That has been something I have been missing greatly in SL. So come and get a piece of some silliness with us. :p

Oh and another thing... You may be wondering why I'm not plastering everything I've built or what's now available at the store. Well... You know where it is, and I wanted this blog to be about my thoughts behind SL, not just another freakin' advertisement to buy my stuff. Anyways thought I should let you guys know.

~Jade =D

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fae dancing at its finest...

This is a picture from last night on Vanima Shee. The sim is pretty much done and people are really enjoying it! It's what Ravyn and I really want and we couldn't be happier about it! Fae dancing at it's finest for sure! It reminded me of the old days a couple of summers ago in ElvenMoor. The days when EC was less than 100 members, (lol actually we didn't even have EC yet, it was Elf Clan) and everything was just starting to grow. Lately I have been starting to see old friends I first met in the Elven lands so many years ago, it's nice to start to get back to my fae roots and be surrounded by really cool people. The store will be finished in a couple of days and we will be giving gifts and having sales. Also there will be fun and neat things to do, all to kick off our Fae Faire Festival, which will be our yearly event starting this year to celebrate our 2 years in SL... WOOT!!! LOL just another excuse to party pretty much.

Only more good things to come, my SL is truly blessed!


Posted by Jade at 11:39 AM

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Woot! It's HERE!!!!!
Vanima Shee
Our new sim!

That's right, we're growing and expanding to greater and better things! Vanima Shee will be a place for all of our friends of Fae Faire and Second Life to relax and enjoy a beautiful and peaceful fantasy land. We've come so far and we are so grateful for what we have. Thank you all for helping us get here, we hope to build a strong, fun, and relaxing fantasy community to share in joy and a few laughs. Oh and I looove to build so you know this is a builders dream!

Woot I'm excited!

Posted by Jade at 1:47 PM

Monday, August 04, 2008

Silly Rabbit...

What can I say? I don't live on Second Life, I create on Second Life. Just seems like some people live a little too much in this world and is most likely ignoring the real one we ALL have to deal with. So what's wrong? What are you hiding from? Why do you have the time to play your silly little games? Don't you have better things to do? LOL I said it to you... hehe...


Posted by Jade at 1:15 AM

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Many, many thanks...

To all those who have helped Fae Faire get to where it is right now. I keep getting kind words of thanks for the Faery Enchanted Garden, well I should be thanking you... I'm really grateful for all you guys out there. Customers of the store, friends, and Elf Circle. All of you have been very supportive especially the last couple of weeks. I am humbled. I love to build and create in SL, everything I make is just things that live in my head, so thanks for visiting and I'm happy you like it. =) This is just the beginning...


Posted by Jade at 11:27 PM

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