Saturday, October 25, 2008

You look at the grid and what do you see?

, yeah some fae dancing but a new sim next to Vanima Shee! Our good friend Warda wanted to step up her fantasy residential sim and we decided to help. Fabled Legend will be a sim designed and decorated by me and Ravyn. Kind of like a mini community designed around our builds we sell at Fae Faire. It should be fun, there will be lots of random events, you just never know! We're excited, it should flow well with Vanima Shee.

Ok.. A certain person is still going to our store sim and stealing our builds. Well all I have to say to that person? Sure go ahead keep it up, people recognize quality. And you sadly lack it. I really feel sorry for you. Stop QQing, and get a life, or just fold because we know what business state you're in. Desperation much? Since this all started business has been never better. I'm going to keep taking my friends' advice. Keep on chugging. People know you are a theif. The can tell what's real and what's not, you think you're destroying us, but you're only destroying yourself. So I will just ignore you and let you be your pathetic self. It's actually helping us! =D

That last paragraph came up because I was talking to my real life best friend about second life on the phone a few hours ago. She still doesn't get how anyone can involve themselves so much in a GAME and act the way the person I mentioned is acting. How can you go around and steal other people's hard work? IN A GAME. She doesn't play SL, but I found myself having trouble giving her an answer. You don't steal in real life without their being consequences, yet she's getting away with it. But she really isn't. I will stop with this point. She lacks quality, so I will just ignore it, because this is all you really have. Doesn't mean I can't write about it though, or talk about it because it's wrong. Just plain wrong, but will NEVER stop me. =)


Posted by Jade at 7:45 PM

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